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Rumor Mill:Mc Carty to Suns for 2nd rounder


McCarty-to-Suns on horizon
By Steve Bulpett/ Celtics Notebook
Wednesday, January 26, 2005

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Celtics were very close last night to a trade involving Walter McCarty [news], according to multiple sources.

The Celts were said to be awaiting a final word from Phoenix, which will return a second-round pick to Boston if the transaction is completed.

Director of basketball operations Danny Ainge had no comment on the matter, but McCarty confirmed he had heard from the club that the deal had gone well beyond the preliminary stage.

It's a move Waltah would welcome after more than seven years in Green. With younger players filtering into the Celtics rotation, McCarty has been getting squeezed for playing time - a difficult situation for a player who turns 31 next week. He'd played just 18 minutes in the three games heading into last night's meeting with the Bobcats and then didn't make it off the bench.

``I'm very excited if it does happen,'' McCarty said before last night's 97-92 Celtics win over Charlotte. ``The Suns are a team that's playing really well right now, and it would be a chance to win. I'm very excited. I think it's close and I just hope it follows through. I don't want to get too anxious and be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

``I've been here for a long time and there's been nothing but good things for me. But I do think it's time to maybe get a change of scenery. I've been very happy with the Celtics organization from the top to the bottom and I've really enjoyed working with the people in the Boston community. Those people will be friends for life.''

By moving McCarty, the Celtics would get out of the $1.5 million player option for next season (though there is reason to question whether he'd exercise it) and get a little roster flexibility. There is also said to be a feeling in management that McCarty deserves a better opportunity, and he would no doubt be a good fit in the Suns' running system.

While Gary Payton is starting and playing well, Ainge may be facing a similar situation with his veteran point guard. Payton has been an exemplary soldier but would like to be moved west to be closer to his family. His mother has been diagnosed with cancer and will start chemotherapy soon. Payton would also like a better opportunity to chase a championship.

Sources say Ainge is looking to see what Payton can bring from other clubs but won't give him away. It's possible that a first-round pick would be enough to pry The Glove loose.

The issue for the Celts would then be leaving the position in the hands of explosive but inconsistent Marcus Banks [news] and rookie Delonte West. Ainge and Rivers are encouraged by the pair, and giving them more minutes would have to help their development. But it could do damage to the short-term goals of a team that can still make the postseason and reap some valuable lessons found only in that environment.


  • phoenix is trying to find the solution to their depth problem. doesn't alter anything fantasy-wise though. mccarty's not getting enough time in boston. he'll get as little time in phoenix.
  • fairchild_phfairchild_ph PEx Rookie ⭐
    ^^ Not necesarilly true.

    He'll get more burn in Phoenix. The Suns are challenged depth-wise. So, Waltah's three's will be a welcome addition to the rotation.
  • ^

    not when they already have Q-rich, joe johnson, nash, jim jax and even marion used to jacking up so many threes. the only way he'd get more than 20 minutes a night is if one of those guys got injured.
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