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How much manganak? Hospital bills and feedback [Merged]

guys just wanna ask if you can suggest hospitals where you delivered your child. My gf's OB at UST price is a little bit high for us. She's asking around 45k and thats for normal delivery. That's way too much and also my friends even told me na mahal yun! If you can suggest any good hospitals guys it would surely help. I have PGH, Delgado in mindun lang. If you could post na din kung how much that would surely help. Thanks a lot!:)


  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    our ob/gyne holds office at st. lukes, polymedic (edsa) and chidren's hospital. she quickly discounted children's hospital because of problems she had there.

    for normal delivery:

    st. lukes - 30,000 package (you have to stay in the ward though. staying in a semi-private or private room will jack all items up)
    polymedic - 19,000

    for c-section:
    st. lukes - 60,000 (bare)
    polymedic - 30,000
    and you know the nice thing about the polymedic package? she gets to choose her staff, not just pull together whoever resident happens to be standing by at the time of labor.
  • thanks again mac bolano dude!:) where is polymedic malapit pare? can you pm me your ob gyne's name and contact number and sched pare. Thanks!:)
  • you can try manila doctors' hospital at UN avenue. i had my normal delivery there for only 14K (well we didnt pay obgyn's PF). i also had my operation there last year for ectopic pregnancy at only 10K (again no PF from obgyn and this time pati anesthesiologist). both private rooms. kaso kaya lang ako discounted kasi we have friends there. pero im sure hindi kasing mahal ng MMC at St. Luke's ang normal fees nila. you can maybe research on Dra. Liza Camagong-Nocon, she also holds clinic at mediserv sampaloc.
  • thanks Gabriela!:) I know sobra mahal talaga st. lukes! :~(
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    thanks again mac bolano dude! where is polymedic malapit pare? can you pm me your ob gyne's name and contact number and sched pare. Thanks!

    Dr. Lucia C. Tianco. her schedule at St. Lukes is saturday, 1-5 (just go to the medical arts building and look up her room number in the directory). she charges 200/consultation. i'll try to get her contact numbers.

    two things: those rates i gave you are bare, assuming no complications. whereas the bare package for normal delivery at st. lukes is around 30,000, we spent a total of 43,000 (normal delivery pa yan, hah!) the baby had to stay for three days at the nursery after the wife was discharged due to 'yellowing'. additional tests did us in. Dr. tianco will stir you to polymedic if the budget's tight. it's the tall hospital along edsa on your side going towards makati, just after shaw crossing.

    how far is she into her pregnancy? switching ob-gynes can be tricky, especially into the later months. better ask doc Ira about this.

    good luck.
  • her due date's on July 23 na dude. I know we shouldn't switch ob na at this stage but because of budget constraints kailangan pare.:(
  • Originally posted by mac_bolan00
    how far is she into her pregnancy? switching ob-gynes can be tricky, especially into the later months. better ask doc Ira about this.
    i agree. kelangan talaga proper endorsement if u really want to switch to another obgyn. ako kasi i switched on my 7th month and bigla ako nag preterm labor so medyo hassle sa kanya. buti nlang i kept those prenatal check-up records.
  • proper endorsements means we are gonna ask our OB if she knows any doctors that is within our budget? para matransfer yung records din...:confused:
  • not really. it means kelangan yung records that you have from the previous OB should be complete. like kung ano na mga ginawa kay gf, ultrasounds, vitamins/meds that were prescribed, etc. so that the new OB has baseline info about the gf's pregnancy. very important esp kung may history ng hypertension, allergies and other illnesses (or the gf's been having a hard time with her pregnancy).
  • btw, wala bang sariling record yung gf mo that she keeps? like the obgyn just fills it up every month. it's like a monitoring notebook. i always brought mine to the prenatal check-up every month. that was given to me by my first obgyn.
  • a ok. so you can ask your OB na your gonna pull out all your records? sorry lapit na kasi due date and i'm having this kind of dilemma:~(
  • yeah i understand. reason why i switched at the last minute was the lower fees. you can ask lang a copy of the record. you can talk to your obgyn about it. civil naman ang mga yan. they always expect that patients go for 2nd opinion. if he/she thinks though that it's best not to switch then so be it. mas importante naman safety kesa monetary convenience. you have to decide quick :)
  • thanks!:) dami lang iniisip now kasi kung stick it out kahit mahal or switch to a much lower OB and hospital.:(
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    consider the mother's risks. is she a premature birth risk? is a c-section likely? my wife was both. it was dra. tianco who actually coached us as to how we could cut costs.

    regardeless of what hospital you choose, better ask for a ward assignement. because semi-private and private rooms will add premiums on ALL YOUR EXPENSE items (delivery room, surgical expenses, medicine, etc.) if all goes well and the baby is delivered normally, then YOU CAN TRANSFER TO A PRIVATE ROOM.

    also, be carefull with these so-called 'cheap package deals'. the team tasked to deliver the baby may just be a 'chopsuey' team. a risky preganancy should have an ob-gyne who knows the mother's complete history, assisted by a team OF HER OWN CHOOSING.
  • thanks uli dude! We'll try visiting Dra. Tianco. more suggestions guys.:)
  • delgado and manila doctors are good choices. you won't be sacrificing quality of service and facilities for their lower price. i gave birth at delgado (which has been a maternity hospital for the longest time -- dun pinanganak ate ko) which cost me 19K lang in 1998, including PFs (OB and anaesthesiologist), normal delivery, 3 1/2 days in their private suite pa. then again in 2001, emergency C-section naman, 3 days, suite, including PFs, around 32K lang. of course it helped that the hospital as well as my OBGyn honored my husband's Philhealth (i don't have my own kasi). my doctor, Dra. Solema Granados holds clinic at cardinal santos in san juan but can actually deliver at delgado. you can ask her secretary how much she charges now for deliveries.

    you can go to delgado and check out their rates (okay naman din yung ward nila or semi-private). suggest you prepare whatever health insurance you or your spouse have -- see what the hospital will honor, what they will require (para i-ready mo na ngayon pa lang), how much discount you can claim, etc. check from SSS how much they will reimburse. sayang din if you don't claim.

    expect mga 2 nights stay for the mom to fully recover. my doctor won't force you to stay longer than needed. choice ko lang noon na magtagal pa sa hospital to rest. delgado and their docs also don't resort to C-section unless absolutely necessary.

    good luck!
  • thanks hdcasa2002!:)
  • A number of my friends delivered at St. Clare maternity clinic in Makati. Its name is maternity clinic pero it's actually a (maternity) hospital, yun lang siguro ang registered name nila.

    Two of them have Dr. Lani Buenconsejo as their OB (she's at Patient's First in Glorietta) but another one has a different OB, it's just that she's also accredited at this hospital.

    Rates for normal delivery vary, depende syempre kung ano'ng room ang io-occupy mo. I guess you already know by now na yung iba pang fees eh nagde-depend sa room mo (like the OB's PF would be higher if you're staying in a private room, etc). One of them stayed at the ward and they paid around 13K for normal delivery. Another one stayed at a private room (3 days) and spent like 40K - laking difference no?!

    I haven't been to the hospital myself but knowing these friends who delivered there na medyo metikuloso din naman, I'm sure OK naman ang facilities doon.

    Hope this helps!
  • try mo sa quirino memorial medical center...dating labor hospital sa may libis. i gave birth their 1999. but you have to go private kasi govermant hospital yun pero cheaper pa rin...look for Dra. Cayabyab kasi consultant na sya dun and if sya doctor ng gf mo medyo may special treatment and you can talk to her and negotiate about your budget...yun kasi ginawa ng mom ko before. or try mo din sa de los santos gen. hosp. kasi work din sya dun.
  • thanks orano & purplemahal!:)
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