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TMG Car Plates - limited stocks!

Traffic Management Group (TMG) is selling commemorative motor vehicles plates. This is authorized and approved by DOTC. Valid until Dec. 31, 2005.

Just fill up application form and submit photocopy of OR/CR, and you can use the plate right away!

Take advantage of this offer. PM me for queries, forms, or picture. Thanks.


  • You can text me at 09217350943 for more info. Tks.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    so how much..

    and is the plate "TalIsGod" still available?
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    If these plates are brought to us by the same guys that made the PNP, PNP-MG, and a host of other unathorized license plates, then I'll have to pass.

    I'll be trying to verify the legality of the plates during my spare time.

    I need a new one for the W123.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    yes. very interested with "TalIsGod" plates.
  • It costs 3k. It comes in only one design with the acronym TMG. This is definitely legitimate. If you want to see the pic, pls send me you email add. Thanks.

    GreatBop and OTEP R, pls check your pm. Tks.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Yes, but the PNP and PNP-MG plates are also projects of their respective organizations. However, they were not included in the list of legal standard-issue license plate substitutes issued by the LTO so I am a bit wary of plates coming from any branch of the police force.

    Manufacturing plates is not illegal per se. But it is still the LTO that will decide whether such plates can be used in place of the standard issue plates.

    The last list issued by the LTO can be seen in the CAR TALK forum of They should be issuing a new list soon
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Medyo mahal na ngayon ang plates... dati nasa 1K lang more or less and the validity period was longer.
  • If it's of any help, the sticker which accompanies the plate, says:
    "This commemorative motor vehicle plate is authorized
    and approved by DOTC. Valid until Dec. 31, 2005."

    Sgd: Leandro Mendoza Ricardo C. Quinto
    DOTC Secretary P. Chief Superintendent
    Actinmg Director
  • OOps..its

    Leandro Mendoza, DOTC Secretary
    Ricardo C. Quinto, P. Chief Superintendent, Acting Director

    Thanks to everyone who bought. For those interested, I still have a few plates left.

    Text me at 09217350943
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Yup, but even the unauthorized plates had something to that effect on their stickers...

    I'm still not counting it out. Wala lang time to verify this past few days.

    Nakita ko na nga pala yung plate. Wala na bang ibang design? Generic ba talaga yun? And bakit hindi reflectorized?
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    well it sucks. you can't have it personalized.

    TaIIsGod would of plainly owned.
  • cookiepao
    cookiepao My EYES are on the PRIZE
    somtam hehehe mahal naman... my dad got 1 from his friend hus working sa TMG for 2,500 lang....hehehe

    asteeg this plate, wala ng coding whatsoever....
  • otepR, I don't know kung bakit hindi reflectorized. Unlike you, di po ako expert sa mga ganyan. And isa lang ang design.

    cookiepao, No problem, I can also give it at 2500. Mapag-uusapan naman yan.

    3cylinder, I have been very honest sa lahat ng nagtatanong sa akin na hindi ito exempt sa color coding. Ang alam ko, correct me if i'm wrong OtepR, walang
    exemption sa mga plates na ganito. Mukha lang coding exempt siguro kasi di
    nakikita ng mga traffic enforcers ang ending ng plaka mo dahil covered siya.
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