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Romantic Restaurants for Valentine's [Merged]

Some suggestions please on placed you would recommend for Valentine's Day dinner. Budget per person 500 - 700 pesos.


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mario's and La Primavera.
  • where and how much are you willing to spend on dinner and presents? any suggestions??
  • plannin on taking her to Benihana...
  • To all you gourmands,

    I need recommendations for a romantic restaurant for Valentine's day. Ambiance is vital - soothing, quiet music, soft lights and proper service (no bringing of the apetizer during or after the main course!!). A great view would be a bonus. Oh yeah, good food too.

    Price range? Valentine's Day comes once at year so I'm willing to splurge.

    My fiance and I are both adventurous so we're open to almost all cuisines.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • hmm i go for via mare, tagaytay would be an alternative choice :)
  • Grassi's or Le Souffle
  • Cosa Nostra- located in Adriatico St. in Malate. Super cozy and romantic. They only have like 7 tables (of course binilang ko!!!) :lol: I suggest you order a bottle of red wine and pasta of your choice. Without the wine, it will probably cost you 300/head. Not bad huh? :D
  • i'm thinking Blue Bacon and Green Eggs. medyo pricey nga lang.
  • Originally posted by seahorse_seeker
    i'm thinking Blue Bacon and Green Eggs. medyo pricey nga lang.

    this place is really great for valentines... lalo na habang nagp-play yung quartet ng mga romantic na instrumentals. yun nga lang the food is quite expensive.
  • Try Sonias Garden in Tagaytay, im telling you, you won't regret it! Also Moomba in QC, it has a lounge/provincial feel to it. Enjoy the Valentines:D
  • definitely sonya's garden in tagaytay. cheap pa. i think it's 550 lang per person.
    i think there's a thread na about this :) i recommend having lunch there instead of dinner para u can appreciate the view :)

    if u like indian food, raj has a nice ambience. cozy :)

    the bellevue on top of the diamond hotel ..

    try having dinner in intramuros then take a walk along the baluartes there.
  • oh, and i read somewhere that raj is offering a tantric inducing five-course meal menu for two at P1480+

  • nothing will beat the first restaurant/fast food you went to on a first date....or the food place where you decided to go steady...or where you first went to after getting steady..........or where you renewed your commitment to stick together after some trial/cool-off

    don't get me wrong guys, i'd sincerely appreciate it if a guy will save and take me to eat in a really expensive place......

    but that would just be treating me to something special......

    but going back.....revisiting memorable places.........that's giving more meaning as to why we're together
  • Originally posted by Meiji
    Grassi's or Le Souffle

    hmm.. i don't find Le Souffle romantic.. though its classy.. ;)

    i agree with seahorse_seeker, blue bacon and green eggs still rules!
  • Grassi's is pretty nice. The ambience is terrific. I think it's located at the Stock Exchange tower. A bit pricey, though, and the servings are a bit small. Probably date kami ng sister ko there on Valentine's (sweet kami eh, hehe) :redgrin::redgrin:
  • Puede rin sa Aresi. Choose a table near the piano. The live piano music really does make the difference. :love: :lovesigh: Puede rin kayo magrequest (ginawa bang radio station :lol: :glee: )

    Good luck!
  • Cafe Maestro - Italian Resto located at Nicanor Garcia St. in Makati. If you know where Pravda is, just go straight that road and cross Kalayaan Ave. You'll see Cafe Maestro on the left side. Quite romantic and quiet.

    Westin's Poolside Restaurant- I imagine that this would be a really nice place to have dinner on Valentine's especially nowadays where its quite cold. Its overlooks the bay plus the food is really really good.
  • CENA - Libis Q.C.
  • Originally posted by PePs
    Much to my eternal chagrin, Grassi's ceased to operate since February 1 of this year.

    Oh no...talaga? Sayang naman :(
  • Sa Aresi ok, food's good, ambiance is great, they have quite a strict dress code pa. chinkybubbles is right, pili kayo ng spot right next to the piano...
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