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Jazz' Arroyo traded

color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
man.. arroyo to... pistons... wTF!! for campbell and pick

lugi jazz sa trade ah!!


  • Elden Campbell is used sparingly. Not even will Arroyo's inclusion to the Pistons will benefit it either, overloaded na rin yun eh (ask Larry Brown) :lol:
  • I doubt that Arroyo's going to get major playing time in Detroit. I think Arroyo let Puerto Rico's win over the US get into his head too much. :( Tsk tsk.
  • What the...Detroit can't use Arroyo...this is bull....
  • bright side: more PT for DARKO!!! (hopefully)
  • arroyo is better than hunter
    great trade for the detroit
    released a seldom used player
    for somebody who can play quality minutes
  • But, but who will train DARKO!!??? :(
  • it's basically Arroyo for Detroit's 1st rd pick. Great trade for both teams. Detroit is overloaded at the frontcourt while thin at the backcourt. They dont need the pick anymore because they have Delfino and Milicic. Meanwhile, the Jazz unloaded little used Arroyo. Keith McLeod is playing well and so is Raul Lopez. i read that Campbell is likely to be waived off and is in the final year of his contract. this will also provide the Jazz some cap space for next year.
  • ^

    then maybe the nets can sign campbell or something. i'm sure campbell still has some juice in him.
  • vince 15 wrote:

    then maybe the nets can sign campbell or something. i'm sure campbell still has some juice in him.

    Baka "campbell still has some soup in him" :naughty:
  • lugi ang jazz since midround pick lang makukuha nila sa detroit. si campbell throw-in lang... but it's addition by subtraction... mahahasa si mcleod... si darko din
  • DukotKing wrote:
    Baka "campbell still has some soup in him" :naughty:

    oh man, this is so friggin corny. :laugh:

    yeah good idea vince_15. he's certainly someone the Nets would want.
  • Strange trade. I thought Detroit would keep Campbell for the playoffs when they get to meet Miami (additional big body vs. Shaq). And, I know that Dumars has a policy of keeping his salaries within the salary cap of the league. I thought Campbell's expiring contract would have been let to expire after this season so that the pending contract extensions to Ben Wallace and Tayshaun Prince would fit into the cap. Or Dumar's strategy has changed?

    Well if that is the case, good trade for both teams.
  • pistons are probably going to sign campbell after he's waived by the jazz. great trade for the pistons.
  • gotcha2gotcha2 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A source familiar with the situation said the Jazz planned to release
    Campbell as early as today. The Jazz will get salary cap relief next season
    for acquiring Campbell.

    If he clears waivers after 48 hours, the Pistons can sign Campbell again to
    the veterans' minimum, which is $1.1 million.

    Campbell has about $2.5 million left on a contract that pays him $4.4
    million this season. A team would have to be under the salary cap to claim
    him off waivers. About the only teams in that category are Houston,
    Charlotte and New Jersey.

    The Pistons hope none of those three claims Campbell. If he doesn't return,
    that would leave only Darko Milicic and Antonio McDyess as backup big men on
    the roster. Milicic sat out Friday's loss to Milwaukee with the flu.

    Last year, when the Pistons traded Hunter and Chucky Atkins in the move that
    brought Rasheed Wallace to Detroit, they knew the Celtics would release
    Hunter. Once Hunter cleared waivers, they signed him again, and he was
    instrumental in helping the team to the NBA championship.
  • genius, genius, genuis!
  • ^

    thing is..new jersey is really desperate for another big man, which means the pistons won't just get him back that easy this time around.
  • But the New Jersey Nets weren't able to net the big man to replace Jefferson for at least this season, too bad. They wanted Jimmy Jackson but Jackson wad traded by the Hornets to the Suns.
  • ^

    jim jackson ain't a big man.
  • The Wolves could have benefited more with a trade for Carlos Arroyo. He is definitely a big upgrade in athleticism for the athleticism-challenged backcourt of the T'wolves. I'm not sure if they could have traded him one-on-one against Olowokandi but I'm sure the Kandiman is a better prospect for Utah under Jerry Sloan.
  • lindsey is struggling.. from what i heard, the pistons plan to use a play with arroyo passing, happy shooting chauncey playing strong at the 2 guard and rip as the 3, a real offensive force...

    if they do get to re-sign campbell back as planned, i believe detroit won't have any holes on their line-up na...

    in which case... another trophy... :cheerleader:
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