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Accenture BPO Thread

mac326mac326 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
I'm currently in training right now at the Union Bank Tower.

Are you guys enjoying work? :)


  • what kind of work do you do in bpo? what training are you in?
  • wala bang Accenture ERP? :-) My office is at GT Towers
  • hi blueberrycheese. ako rin ERP. pero PSE Tower One ako :D


    nihao, naks, may BPO thread na :D
  • office ka pa rin working?! me too! =) how is it in that side of town?
  • hi blueberrycheese :D
    ako ay nasa bahay :d
    ngayon lang naman ako nakauwi nang maaga. wawa naman ikaw.
    ako rin anamn umaga crew din kami sa team. dami gawa e.

    (magchat daw ba sa BPO thread? dun na algn tayo sa accenture thread.
    baka patayin tayo ng mga BPOers :D )
  • ok lng yan , maganda nga at may sariling thread ang bpo

    kanya kanyang thread lng yan
  • Ey there mac326, I think we're both undergoing training for ACCENTURE BPO (by the way, are you from the morning or evening shift?).

    As far as I know, ACCENTURE's BPO program equips its staff members to be full acquainted with the various external transactions made by the company to do outsourcing for its clients. Am not that sure but they have already surpassed their rival counterparts here in Manila because of the "so-and-so" prestigious clients that they have.

    As for the salary, yes, you're partly right. Above minimum ang salary dito but definitely, I am having the time of my life here. Parang nagugstuhan ko ang BPO position...lalo na sa Accenture.

    Any hints about you?
  • ang BPO sa accenture...mababa na nga ang sweldo, overworked ka pa...wala pang overtime pay...hindi nga call center pero night shift naman...night diff is only 10%...
  • This is a big revelation pal. Mukhang binabalasuba kayo ah. Mahirap kasi talaga ang mag hanap ng work. Kailangan kontrolin ang populasyon na talaga.

    Oh well, thats capitalism in action.
  • sinabi mo...nasa tao na yan kung papayag sila paloko. i decided early on to quit the training...and i heard na marami na ring umaalis after me...
  • hi there guys.. what project are you in??? baka nagkikita na tau ndi pa natin alam..im from Neptune..... well bout the salary, i heard the incentive program is on its way.. wla taung magagawa about the salary, ganun talaga take it or leave it ang sistema... sa dami ba nman ng wlang work ngaun.. makiki-join pa ba tau???
  • Just wondering, i thought accenture was a call center?
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i have a friend working here, team lead at GT, her name is junie.

    i worked in accenture before, andersen consulting pa siya, and during that time, they don't have call center yet, meron na ba ngayon?
  • pexpresspexpress PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    guys...mag ARTES na kayo
  • Accenture BPO is NOT A CALL CENTER. BPO in accenture is focused more on backroom operations. we do not transact with clients through calls or whatsoever.

    Sino pa BPOers dito?
  • Anybody know anything about Accenture Health Processing Inc. ?

    The pay ? san mag apply? location? etc.

    Anybody ?
  • for the uninitiated,what is BPO?
  • this may be OT, pero tanong ko na rin...

    sa mga ACN BPOers, kung halimbawa nagka-offer din kayo sa isang call na may sahod na.. halimbawa, 15k + incentives/month. would you still grab the ACN BPO offer?
  • anu po ang BPO? is this totally diff from the accenture in MSE? may binding contract din ba?
  • Correct me if I'm wrong pero BPO stands for Business Processing Outsourcing right?

    Yan ang plano ng company ko ngayon.... mag-outsource! Mababa kasi cost of labor sa lanas ng US. Siguradong malakas ang kita dyan sa atin ng BPO.
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