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What an injury can do to a good team?

mvp candidate steve nash injury hurting the phoenix suns now, 5 game losing streak..with nash they lose only 4 times..many star players are hurt this season.. kobe, carmelo, richard j., kenyon.. what will happen to their team?


  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Denver and Los Angeles aren't going to suffer that much without their best players because they have a really deep bench. Not much quality, but that's better than having no bench like Phoenix. I keep on saying it before the season started that Nash is weak and once he goes down (or breaks down) they don't have a reliable replacement. New Jersey can still make a push for the bottom seeds.

  • an injury can give your team next year's top draft pick.

    see San Antonio, Robinson, Duncan
  • see david robinson and sean elliott's injuries in '96 or '97...without them, the spurs had an aging dominique wilkins carrying them...and they went 20-62. the next year they drafted duncan...and went right back to being western conference powers...
  • it can also be a way to let the other star on the team shine.

    Kobe went nuts when Shaq got injured and recorded more than 10 straight 40pt games.

    Tracy McGrady becoming an All Star after Grant Hill got injured.
  • Look also at the Washington Wizards. Without Larry Hughes due to injury, they're losing games.
  • arroyo campbell trade is great

    more pt for carlos in motown, less for lindsey

    more pt for darko in detroit, #4 in rotation

    maybe elden can teach the young guys a thing or two about winning that ring, lol

    ak looks to go back midseason, it makes about 7 teams in the w vying for the last 3 spots: grizz, utah, the two la teams, twolves, houston and denver, i think it's another lottery season for struggling and aging jail blazers (guards)

    unless suns and twolves don't find their winning combinations, and noh and jailblazers don't go 20-20 their second half, there will be no surprises in the top 8 playoff spots

    another example of players rising when starter gets injured is dickau in noh and now hayes needs to step up for the wiz
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