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Underarm Odor Treatment

Does anyone knows about the product mentioned on the NOMOREODOR.COM Website? Is it really true that it guarantees 100% to eliminate the underarm odor?.....Or paepek lang un at pandaraya esp. u have to pay them $19.99 for the password.....

Anyone who had tried na with this captivating site?


  • mag body cleansing ka lang mas mura pa.
    pag mabaho ang katawan, may problema kasi sa loob. wag itago sa pag kagamit ng mga ganyan
  • Use Micham deodorant. My friend bought dami sa states :):naughty:
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    just take a shower atleast once a day & you won't have to worry about that offensive scent of yours. ;)

    really? you'r friend bought dami from US? i travel light so i don't buy that dami or at all if i travel. just my essentials. :blah:
  • i heard dricolor is good. pero havent tried it yet. available sya sa mercury drug
  • I tried Driclor pero i was disappointed kasi sobra tapang ng chemical na halo nito at nakairitate ng skin ko at yan din ung dahilan kung bakit medyo umitim ung kili-kili ko kasi parang nasusunog ung balat esp. medyo nasobrahan ko paglagay. Natatakot na ako gamitin uli....
  • why not use a deodorant/anti-perspirant?
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The cheapest but effective way is wiping your underarm with kalamansi.After wiping it wash your underarm with sopa and water and dry them well, don't use anti-perspirant as this will cause more unfriendly odor.Imagine pipigilin mo yung pawis mo? Dapat ilabas yan,better use deodorant para kahit pawis ka walang amoy.
  • dude, use betadine (the blue one). my friend used it, and it worked for him. read the label, it says there 'for the treatment of body odor' good luck!

  • ask ko lang kung gagamit parin ba ng underarm deo / anti-perspirant kung mag-aaply ng betadine blue? Bka kasi mangangamoy ang underarm ko kahit nag-aply na ng betadine blue pag lilipas ang ilang oras without using deo...kakahiya cguro...please answer me...

  • hmm... i think my friend didnt use anything...oh no, i take it back, he used milcu (tama ba spelling?). but he really found the betadine effective. it wont disappear overnight, but with continued usage, the odor will really go away. you know, sometimes its also because of the food you eat kaya may smell... like if you like spicy food or herbs, you know?

  • where can u buy betadine? and how much?
  • sa mercury drug store marami, ung blue lang bilhin mo...
  • tanong lang.. pwde ba yan betadine na blue for foot odor.. since foot odor is also part of foot odor? or its not the same? ang baho kasi paa ni kuya eh.. tried so many products wala effect..
  • Puede siya sa sa athlete's foot..sa mabahong amoy ng paa.. pero ask ko lang does it really remove or nnot just remove the odor, does it really eliminate the underarm odor???????????at di na kelanman babalik pa...is it the final cure?????
  • Just wanna ask kung may bad side effect ung rubbing alcohol when continues applied sa underarm. I apply this before applying a deo.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^^^Alcohol? Ang hapdi naman nun mashado.

    Safeguard deo lang pwede na eh. Effective.
  • Mahaba na yung thread nito sa medical forum...

    I believe Doc Ira said something like, "No sweat, no smell". The smell usually comes from bacteria feeding off your sweat. Gross huh? If you control the sweat, no bacteria proliferation, hence no smell. I used to use Driclor and it was really effective. To benchblue2004, maybe you applied it too thickly that's why mahapdi siya. Just a reminder, the directions also call for applying the product at least an hour after the area has been washed, and under no circumstances should you apply it on irritated skin. (Although some people just have more sensitive skin than others...)

    Also, you should apply Driclor right before sleeping so you won't be bothered by the stinging (some stinging is to be expected).

    Now I hardly even need to use Driclor, I just use Milcu. I just use Driclor if I know I need the extra control :-)
  • Hay ako po grabe mag-SWEATTTTT....... kili-kili ko. Kaya palagi ako sleeveless... :depressed: :depressed: :( :(
  • If you have excessive sweating go to your derma and buy ALUMINUM CHLORIDE solution. They also have powder that dries up really well.
  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    You smell bad because of what you eat. Spicy foods bear a stronger body odor compared to others.

    Besides, why would you be afraid of your own pheromones? It attracts the opposite sex.
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