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ABS-CBN'S M.R.S. - Most Requested Show [merged]



  • acidlemonacidlemon Banned by Admin PExer
    talk of the town ang show na to....
  • doremidoremi Free yourself! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The Most Requested Tandem in the Most Requested Show!

    iM.R.S. mo! Kapamilya!

    You've got the power! Define YOUR variety show!

    Because your requests matter most! M.R.S.
  • .+ moks_mart +..+ moks_mart +. Incoming Atenista PExer
    yes..may bago na nmang aabangan...
  • mawie22mawie22 iLyk:Wowie~BSB~JoshS~scqK PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    guys, sa january 24 or 31 ang tentative premiere ng M.R.S.!!! :)

    we're working our butts off to make this show excellent for the viewers! :)
    I'm really interested in this show! Hey, I PMed you some of my requests since this is the "Most Requested Show"...hehe.... Sana ma-grant ang wishes ko. :teehee:
  • chu_chubchu_chub Member PExer
    where can I send my requests?
  • mystery5xmystery5x Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    salamat at babalik na sila....
  • mae01206mae01206 Member PExer





  • markpaulmarkpaul Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i havw to see this
  • imakeboyzcryimakeboyzcry M A R A H =) PExer
    up............. :)
  • mae01206mae01206 Member PExer
    gusto ko mag request na i guest nila ang cast ng tanging ina and have interviews/kantahan/intrigahan kc ending na ang show tapos mag guest yung mga nawala na sa show.
  • bob_madzbob_madz Banned by Admin PExer
    sa Mtb? So Mraning 3 Ang Kalaban Ng Eat Bulaga? Oh My God!
  • raikou_99raikou_99 et lacrimatus est Iesus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ 'Wag nang patulan. :smile2skull:

    Gusto ko ang tandem ni Roderick at Ms. Amy. :) :stan: :kyle:
  • acidlemonacidlemon Banned by Admin PExer
    ngayon pa lang most requested na...
  • choy_zeechoy_zee Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    awwww....i miss rico! :(

    me too..

    di nya ako fan but I guess malaki naging impact ng pagkawala ni Rico sa MTB noon.. I still remember na sobra syang bubbly sa games nila and then all of a sudden ay medyo tumamlay yun pala mawawala na sya. sad talaga!
    how I wish he's still alive...
  • acidlemonacidlemon Banned by Admin PExer
    most requested show
  • spoilerqueenspoilerqueen Banned by Admin PExer
    GUYS TRY TO AVOID WATCHING STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN! I've seen that SERIES like a year ago. It has a VERY BAD ENDING....

    The main actress (Choi Ji Woo, the same actress in Winter Sonata) died of eye cancer. Her step brother also commited suicide in a car accident for his cornea (yes, the part of the eye) to be donated to the character of Choi Ji Woo. SO LAME. So that means the lead actor (Kwon Sang Woo) was left all ALONE!!! Tear jerker? Yes, but it's really a forgettable series. The storyline is too clich?. Bleh.

    LAME KOREANOVELA. Don't even bother to watch this. Just save your time for something better.
  • .+ moks_mart +..+ moks_mart +. Incoming Atenista PExer
    sana gani2 na lng...
    10:00 Home Boy
    10:45 Most Requested Show
    11:45 [ Local Teleserye ]
    12:15 Pilipinas: Game KNB?
    1:15 Wowowee!
    2:15 ASTIG!
    3:00 My First
    3:45 Showbiz # 1
    4:15 Sandara's Romance: Farewell Firefly
    4:45 [ anime ]
    5:10 [ anime ]
    5:35 [ anime ]
  • mystery5xmystery5x Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    teka nalilito na ako pano na ba ang scheduling pag katangal ng mtb3?

    ganito ba?

    10-11: homeboy
    11-12:30- m.r.s
    12:30-1:30: game k n b
  • talipandas9talipandas9 Bigaon ever... PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    As mentioned by AJ, JE, and Marc in yesterday's episode of Morning Star, kasama rin pala silang tatlo dito sa MRS. Tama pala yung sabi dati ni AJ when the news that MTB would be axed first came out that tatlo raw sa TV idols ang kukunin for the new replacement show. Buti na lang kasama pa rin si AJ!

    Ano na ba talaga ang time slot ng MRS?
  • XCLUSIVEpersonXCLUSIVEperson Investigative Journalist PExer
    kala ko morning show toh:?:

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