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Need help on car exterior

Hey all. I need advice on what to do regarding my car's exterior.

Due to the new year revelry, a lot of firecracker residue settled on my car. What made it worse was it was drizzling that night. I was shocked to see my car looking like it got snowed on when I woke up on January 1.

Anyway, I brought it to the carwash and took quite a bit of the 'mud' off, but not everything. The people at the carwash tried hard to clean it off using a piece of cloth and a chamois, but to no avail. They recommended that I have it rubbed (I'm assuming it's rubbing compound), and I'm thinking to have the car buffed.

What should I do? It goes without saying that I want to get all that dirt off the glass and finish of my car.

I will really appreciate all your answers. Thanks.


  • try_again
    try_again freedom fighter
    yu can DIY regarding the buffing/rubbing. u can buy r&m or 3m rubbing compound. and use a clean cloth with a little gas in it. it shud be fine.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I would suggest you try first a polish and/or kerosene before resorting to rubbing as rubbing compound is harsh on the finish of the paint (it thins out your clear coat).

    I also had a similar problem with my car this new years. I was up north in Baguio and a lot of the firecracker residue got stuck on the car, made worse by the cool weather which made the exterior moist, but it went out easily when i washed the car (looks like it was worth waxing the car before i left Manila).
  • try slamm's suggestion.. there are stains that can't be washed off easilly... try using kerosene, spray some on a clean cloth, not directly on your car.. then rub it on the spot. then wash it off again with water para mawala amoy ng kerosene :D
  • you can use kerosene / WD40 to try to take off the grime then clay it but you have to WAX the car afterwards.

    btw, what are those guys in the carwash doing trying to remove it with a chamois? are they nuts? that'll just scratch your paint's finish.

    btw, what "cloth" are you using? a pranela will damage your car (contrary to the popular belief / myth)! try using terry cloths or micro fiber towels (or a 100% cotton towel - cannon is the best).
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