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John Susi of ABC NEWS - insensitive and inaccurate

I just couldn't help but post this thread.

I just happened to chance upon watching ABC 5's news program SENTRO (with John Susi and Ali Sotto) tonight. The two were reporting on the calamity that hit parts of South Asia. Though they were able to correlate the cause of tsunamis and their relationship with tectonic activity, John Susi boldy stated that most people who perished in the disaster were "usiseros" and "tourists" who didn't heed warning signals.

One, there were no warning signals. Tsunamis are a rare occurrence in the Indian Ocean and it also doesn't help that most countries in that area are dirt poor.

Two, only the Thai resorts and few Sri Lankan beaches had tourists in them. All the rest were people from fishing villages who were surprised by the raging fury of the sea.


People might now misconstrue what happened as a product of the stupidity and feeble-mindedness of the victims. tsk tsk tsk.

very irresponsible, it really makes me sick.


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