Reminiscing 2004

Let us make a collage of the top events, be it local or international, that made 2004.

Let us start with the events of the not-so-distant past:

1. The FPJ story (foray to the presidential derby, subsequent defeat, and demise that shook the nation)
2. The financial crisis
3. The wrath of nature in the East Side (Real and Infanta in Quezon and in Aurora)
4. The Angelo Dela Cruz hostage drama and the subsequent withdrawal of the RP troops that angered the US masters in the Coalition of the Willing.

Feel free to add more. :)


  • redmanredman Too Big to Fail PExer
    my preferred candidates re-election as president of the united states.
  • XetraDAXXetraDAX Konnichiwa! PExer
    GMA won the elections

    Sandara Park, Hero, etc.

    Death of FPJ, KC, Rio Diaz, etc.

    Tsunami in South Asia

    Filipino Hostages in Irag

    4 typhoons to hit our country in a span of 2 weeks
  • dAyDeTTedAyDeTTe Member PExer
    The world's biggest and most expensive cruise liner, the Queen Mary 2, embarks on its maiden voyage from Southampton. Thousands of people gathered at the port to wave off the 150,000-tonne vessel

    Political unrest in Haiti explodes onto the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince. In this picture police are seen through the broken window of a car

    Islamic militants strike at the heart of Spain. One hundred and ninety one people lost their lives when a series of bombs went off on Madrid's suburban rail lines

    A specially-constructed barge takes British Airway's last Concorde past the Houses of Parliament. The supersonic aircraft's final destination was the Museum of Flight near Edinburgh

    A young Slovenian man celebrates his country's entry into the European Union. Slovenia was one of ten Central and Eastern European nations to join the union

    Nancy Reagan bids a sad farewell to her late husband, former US President Ronald Reagan. Eulogies were delivered by George Bush Senior, George Bush Junior and Margaret Thatcher
  • dAyDeTTedAyDeTTe Member PExer
    Deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is formally charged at Camp Victory in Baghdad. His trial is not expected to begin for at least two years

    A spectacular fireworks display marks the opening of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Team Great Britain would bring home 55 medals from the event

    Brunei's Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee tied the knot with 17-year-old student Sarah Salleh. Their spectacular wedding was followed by a lavish reception in the 4,000-seat banquet hall of Bandar Seri Begawan Palace

    Relatives hold a memorial for loved ones lost in the Beslan hostage crisis. Some 330 children and adults died when the siege at a local school disintigrated into a gun battle

    The Bush family's pet dog Barney taking a keen interest in the results on US election night. The pooch will be spending four more years in the White House after his owner, George, won the poll

    Thousands of protesters surround the Ukraine's parliament buildings after allegations the country's general elections were manipulated. Voters won the chance to go to the ballot boxes again after the original result was declared fradulent
  • kaboomeranglekaboomerangle brainwashed soul PExer
    GSIS controversy and the move to oust Winston Garcia (bakit andyan pa rin ang taong yan? :mad: )

    controversies in the AFP and the case of Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia

    Angelo dela Cruz ordeal in Iraq and the cases of Angelito Nayan in Afghanistan and Robert Tarongoy in Iraq (whatever happened to him now?)
  • globalhegemonglobalhegemon King Crap PExer
    Tarongoy...buhay pa daw.

    Si Winston Garcia...poster boy na ngayon ng GSIS E-Cards. Pack sheet.

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