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Computer Science Collaboration

Inspite of the holier than thou attitude of some people here, maybe it is time that we take a step back from our rants and raves and plan on how the universities can collaborate and achieve world class research stature together. Each university has its own strengths and weaknesses and each one is unique, however I am sure that everyone is hungry for world-wide recognition. Why not join forces, setup a collaborative research project and show the world that we can do it? If there are no faculty members here, perhaps the students themselves can start it.


  • this is such a great idea. and for now, i firmly think it's the ONLY way the major universities in the country can actually become a power in the world of computer science. because none of the departments are really world-class now, its more hopeless if departments just compete rather than collaborate with one another.

    i really hope there's an effort about this soon. im sure it would greatly benefit not only the respective universities and their students, but also the country as a whole. but for now, i think just sharing of information and cross-campus reseearch collaboration might be a good idea.
  • i'd agree that this is a good idea.

    a non-research oriented collaboration would be good too, but then again, there have been a lot of people doing that. let's try to setup up something specific to comsci.

    let's see, probably, we can start a small group. im not sure, but i heard the orgs of some universities [admu, dlsu, upd, mit, etc] are trying to come up with a group.

    i think for a student group to become active, why not setup something that will be research oriented and probably has some sort of world affiliation. up-d's acm student chapter has been dormant, or so i think. would anyone want to form an acm student chapter here? I think there has to be a minimum of three with acm memberships, to form a group. i have one. would some of you like to form this kind of org?

    probably, after this, we can also setup interest groups too.
  • hmm...im curious about this acm thing...how does one become a member?
  • saan?

    anyone can be a student member, basta student.

    sa student chapters, depende yun sa org na gumawa. usually, depende sa school na nag-organize. meron nag-aallow ng outsiders, yung iba strictly for their school lang.

    sa special interest groups, depende sa SIG. usually, mas maliit na ang babayaran if you are a current member of acm.

    dba po dlsu-ccs kayo? what year at specialization po?
  • OT:

    you guys know the ugotgame competition? 'twas through collaboration of different student computer science organizations of (in no particular order po) DLSU, ADMU, UP, and MAPUA, i think it's safe to assume that next year's UgotGame might have more comsci orgs from other colleges/universities to help out in organizing the competition...

    ...madali lang naman talaga mag-collaborate eh, mahirap lamang is i-define kung ano ang purpose ng collaboration, ang goal / vision.
  • CCS faculty presents research in UK
    College of Computer Studies Assistant Professor Danny Cheng participated in the 5th International Conference on Computer Games: Artificial Intelligence, Design, and Education (CGAIDE 2004). The event was held at the Microsoft Campus, Reading, United Kingdom from November 8 to 10.
    During the conference, Cheng together with Professor Ruck Thawonmas of Ritsumeikan University presented their collaborative research output titled “Case-based Plan Recognition for Real-Time Strategy Games.”

    The study focuses on user modeling for real-time strategy games for both the desktop and mobile platforms. The main objective of the work is to develop non-player characters that will play like human players to assist the latter in playing the game.

    Organized by the University of Wolverhampton, the gathering aimed to provide a venue for experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer games, creative design, and education to meet and collaborate on digital games research. New game developers were also given the opportunity to show their ideas and software demos
  • jeune_fillejeune_fille PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hey ako gusto ko sumali dyan. Kung walang gustong magstart ako na lang mastart kung gusto nyo. PM me kung gusto nyo sumali. By the way i'm still a student :)
  • * For this effort to stay alive and the idea to not die out, it basically needs two things: a steady stream of communication and an established presence. You could also opt to aim for significant partnerships with industry and foreign academic institutions.

    * For communication, I suggest that the main venue not be PEx. ;) You need a communication venue in which you have total control -- over the messages, the membership, and possibly the readership. Yahoo! Groups seems to be proving effective for KatipunanBGN (can't really say since I am not subscribed... have to check with my former bosses). Or if you prefer more sophistication, PHPBB is a bulletin board software being offered for free.

    * An established presence. You'd really want yourselves to be known both to the Philippine academic community and the industry. I really don't know how you could do it. :D Maybe you can organize a launch party for your first collaborative research project, or maybe organize a conference, calling for abstracts and requiring them to be inter-university collaborative researches. In any case, this will probably come a lot later, after a lot of brainstorming sessions. You could try putting up a website just to give everyone a feel that the effort is real.

    Just a few insights. :)
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