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Privacy Issues with your BF/GF

Just asking the pexers what type of private matters do you share with your gf or bf?

I have a couple for friends who shares their password to their bfs for email access. I personally dont favour that act.

What about you? what are you sharing with gf or bf?


  • others even share their atm pin numbers,

    pero regarding dun sa password ng email, i guess better not to share na lang kc minsan nagiging cause ng away, "o bkit ka-email mo na pa si ****?" lines like that...
  • we did that.. and so far oks nman.. if u have nuthin to hide, then there's no worries..

    we both have access on our friendster, yahoo id and email accts.. kewl nga eh... hehe
  • Sa amin ng wife ko, I respect her privacy when it comes sa mga TEXT MESSAGES, di ko masyado inuusisa kung sino ang nagtext, sino ang katext nya, sino tumawag or sino yung tinatawagan nya. And never kong binuksan yung cell phone nya and nag attempt na magbasa ng messages. Sa e-mail, password hindi rin pero yung pin nya sa ATM nya sinabi nya sa akin para daw pag nakalimutan nya matatanong nya sa akin. Laman ng wallet di ko rin pinapakealaman, pero I know how much her salary. Di ko tinanong sa kanya sinabi nalang nya sa akin. As for me.. I am an open book, lahat sinasabi ko sa kanya even mga text message, who sent me e-mail at marami pang iba.. wala akong maisip na di nya alam na personal na bagay tungkol sa akin, its my choice to tell her naman so okay ako dun.
  • I know his atm pin and he knows mine. As far as email passwords are concerned though, we don't share this. I don't really see a need for it.
  • as for my email password di pwedi eh, hehe, kahit binigay ko password di rin nya pwede open, may second security kasi email ko, a secondary password every 60 seconds. its a device. sabi nga nya, daya ko daw, hehehe
  • I know his email passwords. he gave it to me eh. Pero he didn't ask for mine. And I don't intend to give it to him. :D We trust each other naman eh. Kaya no problem.
  • we share anything...

    I know his atm pin, email password, nagbabasa read me ng txt messages nya, recieve calls, dialled...

    same as he knows mine...

    wala lang trip lang namin...
  • i know all about his stuff,,,i let him know about my stuffs...pra sure na walang tinatago dba... :) i respect his privacy and i do trust him, at least hidni ko pinapakielamanan ung stuffs nya kahit alam ko...
  • we give each other respective space, to the point that we dont read msgs on each others cellphone, wala pakelamanan ng fonebook, we trust each other that much.
  • alam nia yung password ko sa cellphone, yung sa pictures kasi my password, yung lock code nung isa kong cell alam rinnia, ok lang sakin kung basahin nia messages ko, wala naman akong tinatago eh... sa email, hindi, tapos, sha naman lahat sinasabi nia sa akin, and wala akong hindi alam tungkol sa kanya.. kasi nga lahat sinasabi nia sakin.. gusto nia raw kasi alam ko lahat ng ginagawa nia, minsan binabasa ko rin messages nia, pero di naman sha nagagalit kasi pinagpapaalam ko naman muna bago ko i-open yung inbox nia...
  • thehitmanthehitman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    We know each other's atm pin (for practical purposes) and we also know the balances of each other's passbooks. Helps us budget long-term while we are not yet married. We don't mind the other reading our text messages but we rarely do read each other's text messages anyways.. We don't share email passwords though... I don't see the point.

  • i don't really intrude. i even ask permission if i feel the urge to butingting his cellfone. email pw,atm pw...i don't really ask unless he tells me. there r some things na para na lang sa kanya. he should know wats right n wrong. yun n a lang yun. :smokin:
  • we exchanged email passwords, i know all the access codes to his friendster etc. ok lng.
  • CamilleCamille PEx Rookie ⭐
    ok lang as long as wala kang tinatago
  • i respect her privacy, i dont ask her password or mga nagtetext sa kanya kapag magkasama kami but sa kanya mausisa siya. it is ok? she does'nt mind my privacy.
  • greenandpinkgreenandpink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i wont ask for passwords and stuff. unless he gives it voluntarily.and i respect him also to do that in return.

    i dunno there's still some parts of my life that i want to be mine only.
  • farkasfarkas PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sakit ng mga babae 'to eh! gusto lahat inaalam, even passwords or laman ng wallet!! kaasar!!! buti pa si greenandpink!!! hehehe! :glee:
  • We practically know everything about us. Email passwords, atm pin, etc. In regards to cp, we can both see each other's cp anytime. if someone is texting me when Im with him, i tell him right away.. parang uuuyy.. si ano nagtext.. ano daw.. ganun lang.. he also have access to my personal stuffs, like letters and other memorabilia.. ako din.. okay lang naman sa amin.. ewan ko pero ever since ganun na tlga kami.
  • greenandpinkgreenandpink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    farkas wrote:
    sakit ng mga babae 'to eh! gusto lahat inaalam, even passwords or laman ng wallet!! kaasar!!! buti pa si greenandpink!!! hehehe! :glee:

    ayoko din kasi ng pinapakialaman ako :lol:

    its a matter of trust na din you know. :D
  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    This issue is both a matter of trust and respect. May mga babaeng ang tingin sa lahat ng lalaki ay manloloko, kaya kahit anong katuwiran at logic eh mauuwi sa "kung wala siyang tinatago..." argument.

    My wife and I voluntarily shared to each other our passwords, but that was just a matter of choice. If she hadn't given it to me, I wouldn't have minded. And she's the type of woman who wouldn't mind either.

    I admire her even more for being so.
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