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what to do

i wanted to break up with him because he doesnt love him but i know di ko pa kaya and i still love him.


  • so he doesn't love you? why don't you try to revive that love. talk to him first. if you think that there's no point in staying, then let him go.
  • alam mo gurl, hindi na uso ngayon ang mga martyr. kung hindi ka na niya mahal, well, mahalin mo nmn sarili mo...;)

    NOTE: mkipagbreak ka sa kanya once, at masaktan ka rin once, but if you continue the relationship with that situation,then masaksaktan ka all the way...which you prefer??
  • thanks. i was crying kanina when i thought of calling my ex. we had a long talk. of all people sa kanya pa ko nag open up ng problema ko. and i was enlightened by his advice. maybe because may pinagsamahan kami. he knows me very well. my weak points. he pointed out that im still lucky because as early as now i got to see the real him. if we're not meant to be so be it. there is a better person for me and a better person for him. and he promised to help me forget him. not that we're going back together. but everytime daw i feel like crying he's just a phone call away.
  • im not saying thou that im gonna break up with my present bf right away. but my ex is gonna help me to do that without going thru much pain.
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