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I've tried having no rice nor bread (and any other sources of carbs, sweets) for around 3-4 months last year (and lost 40 lbs)... I stopped and I'm back to doing it and I'm on my 3rd week now... I find it to be really helpful in losing weight. I mainly focus on protein.

I haven't felt anything major then, but what can be the major health issues arising from this type of diet (low carb-- almost no carb diet)? any repercussions?


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    I attended a lecture given by Sanirose S. Orbeta, a dietitian.

    She states 60% of what we eat is better taken up by carbohydrates (rice, root crops, corn, noodles, breads, cereals).

    High protein, high fat diets like Atkins or Southbeach could lead to complications like ketoacidosis, osteoporosis, etc.

    Too much protein is bad. If you're on a carbohydrate deprived diet, you'll experience dizziness, irritability and will look hagard and a bit older than your real age. Later on, when you retake and binge on carbohydrates your weight will increase drastically.

    Realistically, a 5 to 10% loss of total body weight can be achieved in 6 months, not 6 days. The slow but steady route is the way to go.
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    "The Filipino Food Guide for Today's Life Style
    - by Sanirose Orbeta.

    Eat a little: Fats, Oils, Sugar, Salt
    Eat some: Fish, Poultry, Dry Beans, Nuts, Eggs, Lean Meats, Low Fat Dairy
    Eat more: Vegetables, Green Salads, Fruits or Juices ( note, eating 4 mangoes or 2 kilos of grapes in one sitting is not good)
    Eat most: Rice, Root Crops, Corn, Noodles, Breads and Cereals
    Drink a lot: Water, Clear Broth

    Daily exercise is important. For further questions, visit a dietitian.
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    hmmmm. diba ang carbs nagiging sugar, correct me if i'm wrong
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    Yes, and our body needs sugar (glucose). If it can't get sugar from food, it will get glucose from our muscles and our liver.

    What our body needs are complex carbohydrates like Rice, Root Crops, Corn, Noodles, Breads and Cereals . Eating heaping teaspoonfuls of pure table sugar is not a good idea.

    "Eat a little: Fats, Oils, Sugar, Salt "
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    Okay, thanks for that.

    I have had my share of carbs the past few months, but I'm glad though that I've been able to incorporate the carbs without gaining the weight. I'm just concerned because I don't want to get into the no carb diet for long without advice.

    and actually, my diet is not necessarily high fat. It's high protein, yes.
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    These types of questions shuld be posted at the diet and supplements thread. Moderatros, please take notice. Thank you
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    your body utilizes only sugar or fats for energy production. proteins are used for building the body... not for energy production. excess protein is just turned to sugar then fat. so it's pretty useless to consume a lot of protein when it will be just turned to sugar.

    The positive thing about all protein diet is protein to sugar conversion is time limited. thus u never get the sugar rush which causes your body to store fat.

    There is real danger in an all protein diet though... like if you have liver problems ... you will practically starve your body to death.

    I think you have to include some healthy amounts of complex carbohydates.
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    The best advice here is to eat a balanced diet!


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