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Converting right hand drive cars to left hand ba?

is there a way to convert RHD to LHD as safe as the original LHD vehicles?


  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Such "conversion" is always a risk.

    The thing is, there isn't much of an enforced standard of quality and roadworthiness for converting RHD cars to LHD. That's the biggest risk. No third-party quality assurance exists to check that the conversions are indeed done well.

    Safest thing to do would be to get LHD vehicles to begin with. That way one doesn't have to worry about misaimed headlights, odd locations for the controls, etc.
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Unlike Australia (and other European countries) which have high standards and enforced regulations when it comes to conversions (though theirs is LHD to RHD), the Philippines is pretty much a do what you want industry.

    If you knew what you are doing and didn't have to rely on a 'trusted' mechanic to check the quality of the conversion, then you can make a pretty good converted vehicles. But as with anything done with quality, it will cost you a lot. So much sometimes, that it does not make sense anymore to do the conversion (unless of course you are doing a Skyline or some other exoticar).
  • It should also be noted that such cars, no matter how you put it, will always be rebuilds. Steering racks are inverted, airconditioning piping is always bad, plus most (if not all) of these converted cars are undervalued and NOT fully tax paid. Not a good investment IMO
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    But, admittedly, they do make good project cars.

    Would have gone for a J-top Pajero if we were not into rebuilding our 1946 Ford and our old blue car.
  • When in doubt... don't. You're life's on the line.

    If I had aa RHD R34 I wouldnt bother converting it anymore. I'd probably only use it for races anyway. Also just tint it really dark so no nossy pulis person will screw with you.
  • a friend told me that he's planning to buy a converted pajero. then will ask his mechanic to "redo" the convertion by installing an "original convertion kit" from Mitsubishi.

    my question there such thing as "original convertion kit"? will this kit make a converted vehicle as safe as the original LHD vehicles? tnx
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    There is no such thing as an original 'conversion kit'. I have yet to see one. Does it come in a box that says 'conversion kit'?

    From what I've seen, these conversion kits are nothing more than a collection of parts. I don't even know why they call them kits since one shop's interpretation of a conversion kit is different from another shop's.

    Also, manufacturers (like Mitsubishi) discuourage parallel importation (gray market) of their vehicles since it will affect their local dealer's sales so I really doubt if they will come out with a kit that will make Japanese vehicles drivable in LHD markets.

    Even Japan to UK importation is discouraged by Mitsubishi. Japan to Australia importation has been banned for quite a while now. Pareho pang RHD countries yan.
  • travy: No. Conversion necessitates fu**ing with the firewall. The unibody will weaken due to this. Also, no "conversion kits" exist. There are only individual parts that you can order from your parts dealer. Be sure to have a technical / repair manual of your project car before you dive in :)
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Firewall alteration will not necessarily mean a bad conversion. In some Australian conversions, the whole firewall is taken off and a mirror-image one put in.

    But then again, such modifications in Oz requires an engineer's certificate. :)
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