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Would u tell ur friend that he has B.O.?

Yup Body Odor (the foul kind) as in armpits type, feet type, or mouth type? How do u go about to letting him/her know abt. it finally? As in concerned ka talaga. Titiisin mo na lang ba or what?


  • I wouldnt do outright and tell him...i'll try to tell him in a subtle way siguro...like if we were in a mall, I'd probably lead him/her to the personal care department and show him/her a nice cologne, deodorant, what have you...and persuade him/her to buy it!
  • Heehee, there careful na kayo around Bunny kapag nasa mall kayo tapos all of a sudden sa kakakwento niya sa inyo, u'll find urself inside the personal care department na lang bigla.
  • If you are really his/her true friend and you're concerned about his/her well being...you must tell him/her outright...He/She will be offended at first but I guess he/she must understand that as a friend, you don't like other people dropping dead upon inhaling his/her odor...Seriously, he/she must understand....
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Now that's a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation. I guess that since I consider her a friend, though, I'll have to tell her for her sake. Kawawa naman kasi. Maybe if she has putok sa underarms I'll give her a deodorant as part of her Xmas gift. Or Smints for halitosis. Or maybe I'll tell her straight out, very very tactfully, of course. Pangit naman kung mag-away kayo dahil sa putok, di ba?
  • Body language. Put your index finger horizontally under your nostrils. Everybody knows what that means.
  • slurbrun, sino ba sa superfriends, inc.?

    te hehehe.
  • Mahihiya ako. I wouldn't know what to do. Siguro magpapaka lasing muna ako tapos bigla ko na lang sasabihin sa friend na ang baho niya.
  • i wish i could but honestly i cant and i wouldnt dare to. i dont know what i approach i would do kasi it would really hurt his/her feelings :(
  • well its really hard to tell your friend that he/she has BO.. i know because dati nung hs pa ako eh may kabarkada kami na dangzz grabee ang BO.. di nga namin malaman kung baket eh kse naliligo naman siya araw araw pero grabee talga.. we tried to tell her na may BO siya pero akala niya lagi nagbibiro kami... dangzz hirap talga noh.. kahit na siguro anong gawin namin it won't work kse ignore lang niya... hanggang ngayon ganun pa rin.. well i don't hang out with her as much na pero she's still my friend kahit na may BO siya.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    We had a guy friend in high school who had BO and it seemed that everyone knew except him (what is it with people with BO? Can't they smell themselves?!) A well-meaning friend wrote this note telling him he had BO but chickened out and asked for the note back even before the guy was able to read it. I'm glad to say this friend has finally discovered the wonders of deodorant.

    Personally, I wouldn't have the guts to tell a friend that he/she has BO. I'll just wait for someone else so do it and buy myself noseplugs in the meantime.
  • Ada, kasi medyo immune na. Sanay na 'yung ilong nya sa amoy n'ya. hehehe.
  • Give 'em little hints, such as wearing a gas mask and standing 5 feet away whenever you talk to him, or by giving him soap and deodorant for Christmas.

    But seriously though, in this case, honesty works wonders. I had a friend who had very bad hygiene and had awful B.O. I simply told him straight up about his problem, and then told him the consequences if he didn't fix it... NO females! That was more than enough intiative for my friend to once again learn to use soap.
  • jepoy you could really do that? wearing gas mask or staying 5 feet away from him whenever youre together hehe. bilib ako sa courage mo when u told ur friend straight in his face. :)
  • hmm well i'm a very candid person so i guess i'd tell him/her but i'd probably let him/her know when we're alone...dyahe naman if i let everybody hear me tell it to him/her. oks din kung humorous yung context so pareho kayong tatawa sa situation :)
  • zyxthyn: there really isn't a lot "hiya-hiya" between guys (atleast not in my group of friends).. it's a lot easier for us to be critical of each other, walang tampo tampohan kasi sa amin. Besides, if I had this kind of problem, i would much rather hear it first from a guy friend, than from someone of the opposite sex.. kakahiya.
  • slurbrun, sino na? te hehehe.

  • Jepoy: Mas ok na nga di ba na sa friend mo manggaling yun kesa naman sa iba mo pa marinig? Ako din sinabi ko na sa kanya. Now he's doing sumthin abt. it. Sinisi pa nga niya ako kung ba't no'n ko lang sinabi. Tapos nagkatawanan kami. :)

    Sinned: Secret! Pag-uwi mo na lang.
  • Would sumeone take it bad kapag niregaluhan mo siya ng perfume? Deodorant pa siguro di ba?

  • Syempre para sa kabutihan din naman nya yon di ba? Reregaluhan ko ng Roll-On...o kaya papasubukin ko ng bagong deodorant product...ok ba yun? :D
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