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Movies you never get tired of watching!!

BACK TO THE FUTURE 1 & 2: Bilib ako sa sequencing of events ng movie na toh!! Spielberg did a good job on this one! kaya hindi siya nakakasawang panuorin! tsaka walang boring scenes!

SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE-Always been a HUGE fan of the MAN OF STEEL! specially the documentaries on making the film.he's my childhood hero!

Forrest Gump- kahet na 3 hours and 30 mins ang running time ng movie na toh, i would still include this one in my MOvie marathon list! Drama, action, comedy and Adventure all rolled into one Blockbuster flick!

Bedazzled- hehehe...Brendan Frasier did a good job on this one!! portaying different characters! Liz Hurley is smokin' hot!!

Happy Gilmore- I've always been a fan of Adam Sandler. this movie is totally hilarious!!! top it with an ensemble cast of comedians from SNL!

....o kayo naman!!!



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