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National Treasure



  • Originally posted by _patricia97_
    i loved every minute of it. funny ang mga hirit nung sidekick ni nick cage. who was that? he's kinda cute :)

    i enjoyed this movie too. :) oo nga nakakaaliw ung sidekick nya na si riley, but i don't know his real name. :) there were a lot of funny moments in the film because of him! :lol:
  • stupid but entertaining! seeing this movie made me excited for the coming Da Vinci Code movie and makes me wanna finally start reading Angels and Demons!

    Diane Kruger is da bomb!!!
  • ^^:D
    love this movie!!!

  • this movie's definitely worth watching. i paid 200 bucks for this (kasama may kasama ako) pero hindi ako nanghinayang. like most of you said, no dull moments. and the comedy's just right. walang slapstick, walang corny. very intelligently made. it will get u to think and be curious. you just don't get entertained. when u get out of the theater, you'll feel like a load of added knowledge was put in your brain.
  • janray:)janray:) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i never thought na national treasure was very good, kasi pinanood ko lang ito dahil nabobore ako pero it turned out na magandang movie siya at super nabilib ako sa mga scenes na mala-james bond! walang dull moment especially dun sa mga chase scenes.... may mga comedic moments na nakakatawa lalo na si railey! nasorpresa rin ako sa dami ng nanood dahil halos yung de luxe eh puno tapos kalahati sa taas...

    i can give it 8.5/10 stars!
  • i think it's pretty good. my friend even cried dun sa ending when they finally found it.
  • nakakaaliw. a funny american version of da vinci code. i like the assistant of nicolas cage. simple but very witty ang lines nia.
  • Riley Poole is Justin Bartha.
    He is the kidnapped victim in the turkey Gigli (not sure if u have seen it).

    If you have question about movies... try checking it at imdb.com
    and please contribute there, esp. pinoy movies.

    national treasure

    justin bartha
  • Originally posted by tylerdurden
    Uhm. DA VINCI CODE rip off?

    Let's wait The Da Vinci Code until 2005 to see if Tom Hanks can do a Nicolas Cage! :)
  • janray:)janray:) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i've watched it again and marami pa ring nanonood...

    basta ako nagandahan sa movie... tamang-tama ang timpla at kahit hindi nagpapatawa si JUSTIN BARTHA(Riley) eh nakakatuwa pa rin siya... facial expressions pa lang eh natatawa nako.

    ano ba yung da vinci code?

    basta mas ok to kesa the mummy para sa akin.
  • janray:)janray:) PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    plus the fact na may ininsert silang a little bit about american history, natuwa ako since fave ko talaga ang subj na history:)
  • I so agree. This movie is soooooo Da Vinci Code.

    though may funny moments naman, lalo na yung sidekick ni Nicolas Cage.
  • Jon turtletaub did a very good job! he kept us on the edge of our seats! waiting what will happen next! parang mga Chapters sa DA VINCI CODE!! if you're the kind of movie buff who's fond of ACTION ADVENTURE movie, then this one is Highly recommended! oh and by the way DIANE KRUGGER is smokin' hot!! in this movie! c Christopher Plummer pala yung grandad ni Ben Gates(Nick Cage) sa movie. kaya pala he looks familiar!
  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    The Da Vinci Code was released in March 2003, right? I think it's probably just a coincidence, considering that the film began shooting around mid-October and coming up with a storyline and ensuing script that mimics DVC in 4 months (my estimation since they have to present this to the cast members, film companies, etc. first) is near impossible.


  • the movie was great!

    and having CAGE in it was a plus factor! :D

    napansin ko rin, may mga Da Vinci-like concepts sila though this has more of American-British dispute & American history in it.

    Yung Da Vinci mas controversial because it involved the church and faith itself... hehehe...just some thoughts... :D
  • very fictious...

    Don't you mean fictitious? But so is the Da Vinci Code

    Anyway I enjoyed the movie, not really that deep pero enterntaining sya...Though I can't help but compared it to Da Vinci Code.

    anyway with $110,113,345 in 3 weeks, this is a certified Box Office Hit!
  • Riley stole the show. I didn't like the movie that much, but he played the wisecracking sidekick so well.
  • I really like the movie! Though, talagang influenced ang movie na yun ng Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. 2 thumbs up!
  • Maganda kaso wlang way of story
  • Yung museum curator na babae na naging syota ni Ben Gates (Nick Cage), bakit kaya sumama pa siya sa paghahanap nung treasure, ni hindi na niya inisp na may pasok pa siya kinabukasan sa office, noh!?

    lol, its clear that u didnt understand the movie completely. It's her responsibility to get back the declaration of independence.
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