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Batam Island

dcometdcomet PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
it's very near singapore. i think it's just about an hour by sea to get there.

is it worth the visit?


  • i think there are packages going to one indo island (not sure if batam or bintan) na may kasamang seafood buffet :)
  • it's not worth the visit, dcomet, nothing much to do actually. when we went there we just did some parasailing and hopped on a banana boat. there's nowhere else to go. shopping was blah, sights were feh, nothing great really...
  • dcometdcomet PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    thanks guys. i was thinking of purchasing a singapore package that includes johore and batam island tours.

    ive been to singapore many times and johore once. but ive never been to batam island. guess bali is better huh?

    singapore airlines is offering bangkok + sg for $418 (2N - bkk, 1N -SG).

    i think i'll go with the latter.
  • my dad used to work in batam island... when he was there, he'd usually head to singapore on week ends since wala nga daw magawa sa batam... i think it's more of an industrial island... maraming technopark yata eh... so according to my dad's stories, i would say it's better of leaving batam off the itinerary, unless your doing a research on manufacturing technology...
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