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I need help

Do the officials who check baggages/hand-carry in the airport before your flight question the DISKETTES you bring?
Do the immigration officers in the U.S. terminal check and question them too upon your arrival?
Would bringing diskettes cause problems with you visa, etc.
is it possible for you to be deported?

I know that pirated CDs are illegal, and there have been cases of deportation because of it.

I'm just curious with the diskettes thing. Thanks!!


  • No, I don't think they check diskettes. Come to think of it, I don't remember them checking our baggage at all when we went there... not even through an x-ray. They probably do them behind the scenes.

    The thing that you should worry about is whether the diskettes placed through their screening equipment will cause it not to work, just like with camera films.
  • I suggest you transfer the contents of your diskettes to a USB flashdrive and bring that USB flashdrive instead.
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