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URUMQI (a city in western china)....very interesting....

hey wazzup guyz? i've been surfing around and i found a skyscraper website, and i found this city located in the uyghur autonomous region of china, called urumqi. it is very far from the ocean, and it is located in central asia. this city is very isolated, but look at the buildings and skyscrapers. well, i'm just interested, if anyone went here already.


  • Urumqi, China, the most landlocked city in the world. The nearest coastline is 1,500 miles to the south, which is Bay of Bengal.
    Urumqi's Population:1,039,400

    any comments?
  • theres a thriving Muslim population in Urumqi.I think there was a huge human rights melt down this year between western lobbyists and China for ostresising its Muslim Chinese.
  • The Chinese government has always been criticized for giving not enough attention to the frontier regions - but look how developed it looks. Urumqi is in Xinjiang province and it used to be dominated by the Uighurs (who look more like Afghans/Kazakhs than Chinese) but has recently saw an influx of Han Chinese residing there.
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    Originally posted by mizfoxxxybonita
    Urumqi, China, the most landlocked city in the world. The nearest coastline is 1,500 miles to the south, which is Bay of Bengal.

    Cool... So the inhabitants are usually Muslim, hindi Chinese? Astig.

  • actually, chinese muslims sila. they are using another language, but it is written in arabic. malapit sila sa may kazakhstan.

    yep, they look more like turkish/kazakhs than chinese. but i think maraming nagmigrate na han chinese, so i think they make up about 40% of the xinjiang province's population.

    is mostly a Chinese city : 80% of the population is Han Chinese, all signs are bilingual but the Chinese caracters written in big and the arabic very small !

    However our visit to the Institute for Islamic Studies of Urumuqi was the strangest moment of the delegation although difficult to decode. Most of the non-Chinese population does not, or pretend not to, speak Chinese (education till 18 years exist in all group's language for 75% of class ours). Only Chinese established in the region for a very long time speak uigur. Education is organised by the State and as religion and state are separated, one cannot teach religion in schools to children less than 18 years. However when Per discussed in Arabic with young teachers of the institute they explained that religion is taught inside the families. They don't speak Chinese but all can enough Arabic to read the Koran and man who study in the Islamic institute (to become Imam or teachers) study abroad in Egypt, Libya or Pakistan. Classes include Koran, Arabic,... patriotic education. According to the sources the latter includes different things : for the Chinese all kids in the country have history, geography and law and that is called patriotic education, according to human rights organisations it is some Chinese nationalistic propaganda classes, that Imam have to follow to get the right to preach and teach. The Islamic institute of Urumuqi was founded in 1987 mainly with funds of the Chinese government but also from the Islamic Bank of Xinjiang. It includes Muslims from all population groups (NB the Chinese or Han Muslims are called Hui and are very numerous all across the country. _

    According to non-Chinese sources,_ non-Chinese Muslims and Hui are not but according to everyone we met in China there are no problem and they like each other a lot). The President of the Institute is Chinese but the number 2 is an Uigur, which is the situation we will see everywhere we went). The atmosphere in the institute was strange and tensed but it is difficult to describe why exactly. I found the uigurs ice-colded with Chinese and much warmer to us (same feeling in the street). The meeting was very slow as everything had to be translated in Uigur-Chinese-English and vice-versa. Some questions arose discrete smiles for e.g. "why don't you send students to Turkey as their language is the closest to yours ?" other questions bring great embarrassement "What is the difference between the state religion relation in Egypt and in China ?", question specifically asked to the vice president (Uigur thus) "Egypt is a religious state while China is a state which tolerates religion. The Koran is the same but the difference is the way to conduct patriotic education in China, according to the law". Does that mean Egyptians don't study history and geography ?!

    After official meeting Per speaks to some pupils who know Arabic, they say that family life is all reigious therefor they do of course educate children in the religion._


    but i got it from google so i can view it in html format
  • ah, ngayon ko lang nalaman, that the word UIGHURS is pronnounced as WEE-GERS.
  • this is the map of china, where you can find URUMQI.

  • here's what the uighur people look like. they are kinda like mix of chinese and turkic features.
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