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Your Favorite Asian Movies of All time

Guys and Gals Just want to share my favorite Asian Movies of all time . What do you think whats your favorite on each genre Any additional recommendations. :)

-My Sassy Girl(Korea)

-Azumi (Japan)female Samurai
-Battle Royale(Japan)
-Ichi the Killer(japan)
-Seven Samurai(Japan)
-House of Flying Daggers(HK)

-The Eye(HK)

Sci Fi
-The Returner(Japan)

-In The mood for Love(HK)
- Friend(korea)


  • Comedy
    - wah, i still have to watch -my sassy girl-! it really comes highly recommended :D

    - BATTLE ROYALE!! yes. wonder if the sequels are any good...

    - I really liked -the eye-, but i think i like -the ring- better... there were just too many elements that -the eye- tried to pack into one full-length film

    Sci Fi
    - I haven't watched -the returner-... in fact i haven't watched a lot of asian SF movies. i'll definitely be looking out for this one, thanks for the rec :)

    i heard dreamworks is releasing -casshern- though. that might be worth a look?

    - agree with you with -in the mood for love.- can't wait for -2046-!
    - adding -bishounen no koi- and -infernal affairs-
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... I'm intrigue w/ Battle Royale?!? I think the film's cool.. haven't watched it, though... & also, Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke & Spirited Away...
  • AquamanAquaman PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Shake, Rattle, and Roll starring William Martinez.

    Panday starring FPJ.

    Pagbabalik ng Panday starring FPJ.

    Bagets starring Aga Mulach etc.

    Shall We Dance (the Japanese version ripped off by the JLo movie)
  • Japan:

    The Twilight Samurai****
    Seven Samurai****
    Love Collage**
    The Grudge*

    My Sassy Girl****

    Snake in the Eagle Shadow**
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon***
    Enter The Dragon**

    Crying Ladies***
    Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag****
  • Zhang Ziyi's movies:
    The Road Home
    Rush Hour 2
    and CTHD the best perfomances I was so impressshe kicked
    Michelle Yeoh butt.. but she dies in that movies
  • Thanks guys anyways just want to share this site reviews of almost all good asian movies a lot titles to look forward to ..
    Im a dvd addict now.. :)
    And yes forgot this titles too
    Spirited Away -Miyasaki's best(Jp)Animation
    Zatiochi (JP)
    **Pro tempore Battle Royale 2 is not as good as the first one
  • Chinese - So Close
  • I'm relatively "new" sa pagiging addict sa Asian films kaya so far, ito:


    Fly Me to Polaris

    My Tutor Friend
    My Sassy Girl
    il Mare

    I still haven't watched the really good ones (those who got really good reviews and international nominations), kaya ikli pa lang ng list. :D
  • zatoichi
    twilight samurai
    my sassy girl
    once upon a time in china
    spirited away
    farewell my concubine
  • kumakawaykumakaway PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Chinese: So Close

    Korean: If the Sun Rises in the West
  • he was cool ---> current fave ko toh!
    my sassy girl
    turn left turn right
    so close
  • my favorite asian films:
    my little bride (korea) - romance
    o-negative (thailand) - teen drama
    the way home (korea) - family drama
    magic kitchen (hong kong) - light drama
    bridal shower (philippines) - sex comedy

    sorry guys but i dislike my sassy girl. i guess it's not the type of film a guy would like. it's actually a film for femininsts. honest;y, i hated the film.
  • - Storm Riders (CGI packed)
    - A Man Called Hero (also CGI'd)
    - Tokyo Raiders

    No bigtime blockbusters I'm sure, but fun movies nevertheless.
  • where do you guys buy dvds preferably mga 75 or 80 pesos.... I want to buy asian films na nasa dvd format.. pls tell me .. tenx.... gusto nyo pm nyo ko...
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon & So Close ;)
    My Sassy Girl & The Classic!
  • I just finished watching The House of Fying Daggers or LOVERS here in Japan.. man, it kicked ***!! Zhang ZYi is great, and most of all............waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ampogeh talaga ng papa Takeshi!!!
  • atrabida, sa Quiapo. kaso shempre pirated yun. P65 lang.
  • My Sassy Girl
    The Road Home
  • Philippines: Keka and Feng Shui
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