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'Tis the season. Happy Holidays, PExers!


Malapit na ang sinulog!!Excited na ako.Nakapanuod na ba kayo ng sinulog??:)


  • Sinulog 2005 will be on Jan. 16th. The 3rd Sunday of the month. Even for a cebuano like me who witnessed the sinulog since from the start , still very excited for this year's celebration. Also we must not forget the religious side of the event...The fluvial parade, the procession, the novena, the fiesta mass and the "hubo". PIT SENOR!!! C U N CEBU!!!
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    Post naman kayo dito oh?:)
  • hapit na!!! excited na ko kaayo....
  • Here's the official Sinulog 2005 poster:
  • The parade route:

  • Procession Route:

  • teaser....

  • wOw!!thank you so much ponso..ang galing mo naman...Salamat sa pag post ng map-:)
  • haaaayy... missed watching the mardi gras.. its been seven years since i last watched it..

    pero definitely super fun!!!
  • been there 2002...

    is it true that SINULOG is the most celebrated Fesitival in the country???

    i haven't experienced the others but even other neighboring asian countries have their own contingents in the parade..!!!

    the floats!!!!!! wowee!!! the best!



    miss ko tuloy fresh talaba sa TSIBUGS!!!

    saka manok sa JO's ... ang mura at ang sarap sobra!

    ay ang lechon maski sa KANTO.. sobra... sino ba nasa CEBU ngayon??? meron bang uuwi d2 sa manila?? ..
    pabili isang kilo sa CNT :glee:

    Pit Se?or!!!
  • i've been there i think two years ago. it was really great. the whole cebu was really amazing. even foods in cebu during this celebration is fantastic.

    lechon cebu ay napaka sarap. miss ko na ang su-tu-kil na luto sa mactan.
  • the food in cebu even on ordinary days is fantastic. napakasarap na mura pa! :p

    see you in january! it will be more special kasi 25th year anniversary, e. :D
  • my my.. i miss Sinulog.. i haven't been part of it for almost 3 yrs na since i live oh so far away... i used to watch the mardi gras every year from fuente (snatch gani to akong celpon the last tym) hehe. present sad ko every "sinulog sa kabataan" kay naa koy special connections.. hehe, one time, gov. garcia was right in front of me... teehee..

    i miss sinulog and cebu! T_T
  • pit senor, pit senor, malapit na!
  • we actually have booked our flights and the hotel for the sinulog! excited na rin me. actually, i don't know what to expect since this would be my first time to attend the festival. quite ironic since i was born in Cebu! 8)

    post naman kayo ng tips and what to do. sabi ng sister ko na magdala ng tubig dahil mahabang lakaran daw palagi.
  • of course bring water, some vendors sell them but they increase the price. we used to have a picnic too (lunch, snaks) kasi the food is hard to get.. the malls are crowded and such... bring some umbrella's din coz its either going to be hot or rain and of course, chairs... :D
  • Here are the water stations:
  • tips?? hmmnn wanna be kool instead ? ...
    have ur face painted ... and body henna tattoed!!! ..
    there's a p10 buri hat ... buy 1 for urself..
    and yes, the bottled water!!!
    and your ever reliable eye-wear!

    Here's a BONUS tip:
    ... wish this wouldn't be read by others who wish to have a good view of the contest proper on that grandstand... :glee:
    Enjoy the mardi gras with your videocam or digicam gadgets as if you're a taking a coverage for your school or company back home . Walk/Stay in the path of the contingents' parade , as if you're one of them or they're photographer or cameraman... specially if they're set to enter the grandstand... hayun kasama ka na.. :lol:
    if the guards, wont let you in.. just make an honest to goodness begging and speak in TAGALOG. They're lenient for local tourists ...

    hmmnn... mahabang lakaran? actually mainit pa nga eh.. but i'm assuring you, you'll overcome the heat and the long walk just by the beat and colors of this festive event ...

  • when is this again?
  • Originally posted by bluejeanbaby
    when is this again?

    3rd Sunday of January...That would be January 16, 2005
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