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Recommend French Films!

hey guys

i've recently been into all this strange French movies with great cinematography and stories so i was wondering if you guys could recommend French movies which are like

Love Me If You Dare
and the upcoming
A Very Long Engagement

for those who've seen those movies (or even the trailers), you know what visual style i'm talking about! thanks!


  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I liked La Reine Margot better than Indochine...both have the sublime Vincent Perez in it. :)
  • yup yup yup...

    Love me if you dare-- beautiful movie
    Amelie- the cinematography was so beautiful--like a painting really.
  • doolfreak_bigedoolfreak_bige PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Meron bang binebenta na Amelie sa video stores? Anyway, English ba siya or French with English subtitles? Gusto ko kasi yung French with English subtitles para maaral ko ang language... :) thanks
  • where can i get these films? i'd really like to own a copy. If anyone knows where i can buy tell me naman oh
  • watch 8 women and swimming pool back to back. get to know ludivine sagnier :wink:
  • Watch City of Lost Children and Delicatessen both by Alien Resurrection, Amelie and A Very Long Engagement director Jean Pierre Jeunet.

    La Femme Nikita is also a classic.
  • francois ozon films.

    watched swimming pool, 8 women, water drops on burning rocks, and under the sand. they are neat, tight, and sharp.
  • Amelie *okay*
  • swimming pool is a french film? i always thought it was british, just set in france... anywhoo, i saw that movie and i was like... "uhhhhhhhh..." interesting but i think it needs a lot more stuff.
  • check out the makati cinema square basement. my friend was about to get me a DVD of la reine margot but some nasty woman snatched it out of her grasp.

    i looooooove la reine margot. so much better than indochine.

    also try a pornographic affair (there's actually nothing pornographic about it, so don't get your hopes up hehe).

    oh and olivier, olivier by agniezska holland gave me the creepy-crawlies.

    these films may be not quite amelie-ish in terms of feel, theme or style, but they're definitely terrific. enjoy!
  • flamewreathflamewreath PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    L'Appartment (wicker park is the ame. version w/ bad reviews)

    8 Women

    who has seen Yamasaki?
    i havent seen this w/ subtitles though. i liked how they were jumping around i think they were featured somewhere that they did this w/o harness etc. and did these stunts for fun in real life.
  • i've seen Olivier, Olivier and that movie was pretty disturbing up until the twist is revealed...but that twist was disturbing too so its generally a disturbing movie...

    L'Appartment i saw after i saw Wicker Park...and i must say that i like Wicker Park more, maybe cos i got bored watching L'Appartment cos Wicker was basically a shot by shot remake done more stylishly...and i loved the ending of Wicker Park as opposed to the sad ending of L'Appartment

    any more recommendations? im really looking for the visual styles of Amelie, Love Me If You Dare and A Very Long Engagement, meaning fancy camera work, some subtle special effects...in other words, films that aren't just story driven but are visually stimulating too!
  • French films?

    I am beginning to like Katherine Breillat's works particularly Sex is Comedy ( a movie within a movie i.e., a film on filming a pornographic film). Romance is also a must ( one of the stars is Rocco Sferelli [forgot the spelling], aka the Apeman in the notororiously famous porno flick Tarzan-X) because the lady director tried to desensualize all the sex scenes in the movie. Francois Ozon's Swimming Pool and Under the Sand are both cerebral and ethereal ( thanks to Ms. Charlotte Rampling whose sangfroid gave both movies the sparkle they need). Gaspar Noe created a stir with the explosive I Stand Alone ( Carne, filmed and shown much earlier, served as intro to this movie, is comparatively less brutal) and later, the much talked about ( because it is dizzying, literally) Irreversible ( Monica Bellucci and husband Vincent Cassell bared everything in this flick, fyi). I forgot the director of The Piano Teacher but i can remember that it is just as disturbing as all the other movies I mentioned. It was even made more effective by the haunting performance of Isabelle Hupert as the piano teacher who, in order to preserve her artistry, tried to suppress her emotions until she became a victim of sexual perversion. I believe the French film industry has successfully reinvented itself recently thus becoming the world's repository of truly great ( albeit disturbing) art films.
  • @Vic...I didn't know you liked Vincent Perez...he used to run around nekkid while shooting films :D heheh.

    I like Un Longue Dimance de Fiancailles, L'Inquete Corse, Brodeuses, and Arsene Lupin.
  • illuminaillumina PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @ xc... Heh. :D ...My, I'm so out-of-touch with foreign films now...are those new?

    TV5 occasionally shows French movies with English subtitles.
  • JeLJeL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    wasabi - action comedy

    taxi (with part 2 & 3) - US version soon starring Queen Latifah
  • haha. Yeah..those are fairly new, actually. They guy who played Arsene Lupin is also the guy who played Audrey Tautou's boyfriend in L'Auberge Espagnol.

    I also love the Taxi trilogy...it's crazy. Has anyone seen L'Americain?

    Wasabi's the one with Jean Reno isn't it?
  • la zuzus :D
  • Originally posted by RAyeN
    francois ozon films.

    watched swimming pool, 8 women, water drops on burning rocks, and under the sand. they are neat, tight, and sharp.

    i agree. other 'must see' ozon flicks:

    regarde le mer
    les amants criminels (pretty disturbing but otherwise entertaining)

    i also saw a flick called 'barracuda' directed by philippe haim & i thought its one of the best foreign movies ive seen. here's the synopsis:

    Moving into his new apartment, Luc, a young cartoon artist, is greeted by his elderly neighbour, Monsieur Cl?ment. The latter invites him to dine with him and his wife one evening and reluctantly Luc accepts. Distracted by the news that his girlfriend is expecting a baby, Luc forgets the appointment and is obliged to have dinner with the Cl?ments another time. He learns that Monsieur Cl?ment is fanatical about the dancer Fred Astaire and, more disturbingly, that his wife is a full-size plastic doll. Before he can leave Cl?ment?s weird apartment, Luc is knocked out by the old man. When he comes to he is trussed up and gagged in Cl?ment?s bathroom. Luc?s nightmare has only just begun?
  • flamewreathflamewreath PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Man on the train is good.

    The plot and actors played a very good role in making this movie appealing esp the tutor, funny in places you didnt expect to laugh... although not visually stimulating homebuddy.
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