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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To those who've been to KL, Malaysia, was it worth it? My family is planning to go there but we're having a hard time deciding if we really want to or not since my sisters want to go to BKK, Thailand or Hong Kong. I'm just the one pushing this issue:)

Anyway, share your experiences, tips on where to go, great buys (tiangge or branded clothes that are cheaper compared here) and etc.



  • TravelBugTravelBug PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Umm, been there and I didn't really enjoy it. For shopping, Bangkok is still the best place to go. There's not much to see in KL too aside from Petronas Towers. To be honest with you, I got bored in KL. Maybe I should have checked out Penang or Langkawi or some other places in Malaysia.

    Quite a lot of shopping malls though but the prices of items being sold in KL are a bit higher compared to the prices of the same items in Manila. In Petaling St. you could find cheap clothing and souvenirs but they would still be cheaper in Bangkok.

    There's another KL thread here somewhere so maybe the mods can merge the two?
  • I've been to KL just this Oct.24-Nov.1 for the sembreak. I have enjoyed a lot actually. I stayed at Ipoh(3hours from KL) for 3 days.The prices of the clothes are quite the same in their night markets there. I also went to Genting (overnight) .It is a very nice place , a better version of our enchanted Kingdom. Also, I went to Penang, reclining buddha, snake temple..the souvenirs there are cheaper so it is advisable that you buy there so also with the t-shirts(with malaysia in it) only 5 Ringgit. But, You know what I miss Langkawi, maybe I'll go back next time. Plus, KL airport is very nice, they got train which we don't have ;) Plus, there is no discrimination ;) You will enjoy staying there well I did :) I hope I help you decide.
  • how much mapasahe and hotel package to malaysia? also, how much pocket money should i allot? thanks!
  • TravelBugTravelBug PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Malaysia packages are more expensive compared to Singapore packages. Maybe because of lower demand, I'm not too sure. Mga nasa $300 up ang price range ng packages and you will need about US$50 a day for pocket money.
  • I agree with travelbug, Bangkok is still the place for shopping. However if you still like to visit malaysia, better plan the vacation outside of KL, probably Melaka (a nice place I may say) or some other state in the North or the eastern coast :)
  • Hong Kong would be a better value to say the least while bangkok is cheaper, Hk has more
    to offer.

    KL is sad to say boring lest you want to hang out with the Wild Ones in Hard Rock and Modesto's. Much of the better tourist places are outside KL anyway like Melaca, Ipoh, Sabah and Selangor.

    Lest there's a big event in KL , dont think you'll enjoy being on top of Petronas most of the time, besides you vcant really go to the top floor.
  • talaga? wala masyado makita sa KL?

    My friends and I are planning to go there pa naman. So what areas in Malaysia should we see?
  • sigh... with all the messages posted here, i kinda dread going to KL tuloy. will be there march 19 to 22 staying at crown princess. is it a good hotel? what sights and activities can I do in KL, aside from the Petronas Towers? I hope to enjoy Penang, though. Since Phuket is out of the picture nowadays, we've decided to go to Batu Ferringhi Beach instead. anybody been there?
  • question:

    I will be staying in Kuala Lumpur but I want to see Penang. So, from KL to Penang, how much is the transpo and how long is the trip?
  • you could fly via AirAsia, as it's super cheap. here's a sample quote from the AirAsia website:

    RM79.99 = Thu, 03/02/2005 * Flight AK 312 * 07:05 Depart KLIA (KUL)
    07:55 Arrive Penang (PEN)

    RM99.99 = Thu, 03/02/2005 * Flight AK 316 * 21:05 Depart KLIA (KUL)
    21:55 Arrive Penang (PEN)
    RM79.99 = Fri, 04/02/2005 * Flight AK 312 * 07:05 Depart KLIA (KUL)
    07:55 Arrive Penang (PEN)

    RM129.99 = Fri, 04/02/2005 * Flight AK 316 * 21:05 Depart KLIA (KUL)
    21:55 Arrive Penang (PEN)

    You see, travel time is less than 1 hour.
    And RM79.99 (is this the same as Malaysian Ringgit, if it is, then...) is equivalent to P1,157.692. Good deal, eh?

    I am actually flying via AirAsia from Bangkok-Penang-KL-Bangkok.

    Happy trip!
  • thanks makeit_good :)

    Another question, madami bang makikita sa Malacca? My friends and I would also like to tour areas near KL kasi and we found lots of websites on this place. Is it as interesting as they say?
  • ^
    you're welcome! glad to be of help, grobanite. :)
    however, i couldn't help you re: Malacca as it will also be my first time in KL this coming March.
    anyone who could help us? :)
  • thanks anyway maekit_good.

    more questions:

    1. What time open yung Petronas Tower?

    2. We are deciding between taking the Malacca full day tour or the Putrajaya and Batu Caves tour. Which one do you think is the better choice?

    3. Is dinner expensive in the Revolving Resto in KL Tower? We checked in the net and found out that a dinner for an adult is worth RM97.75 -- is this for the buffet? how much is the price range for dinner ala carte?

    4. How long is the travel time from Singapore to Malaysia by bus?
  • I spent about two months in kl. I didn't have to spend on a hotel etc coz my brother's an expat there so I just stayed at his place. hehe. Like travel bug I got bored at kl. Singapore was more exciting for me. Grobanite, we drove to singapore from kl n it took us about 5 hours so malamang the bus ride is just the same. My mom took the bus also before she said that it's very comfortable naman daw.The malls are right beside each other so you could go from one mall to another. Try starting at sungay wang. That isn't the right spelling though, that's just how i remember it sounded. hehe. It's like their greenhills, but personally I like gh better. I remember that we also took a tour around kl. I don't know how much it is. Basta the tour started at the hotel which also manages kondo8, my bro's place. The hotel's name is lanson place it's along jalan ampang hilir near the embassies etc. I can get the no. if u want. The tour that we got included the royal selangor, which is where they make stuff out of pewter. I'm sorry, I know my post is so scattered but I'm trying to recall kasi the stuff i did n places i went to pero all i can recall is bumming around. hehe. I'll try to add more stuff later. Keep safe!
  • went there 2 years ago! and I simply loved it! Stayed also in Kajang and went to Putrajaya (I think Elizabeth Ramsey owns this place... hehehe) and it was so beautiful..

    Well I don't like majority of the food but I enjoyed eating at the hawkers place somwhere in KL.. Loved the stinky tofu stuff!!! hahaha! Btw.. I stayed overnight in this hotel name Hotel Mexico.. god.. stay away from it! Para kang nasa quiapo.. tapos the hotel reminds me of the hotel dun sa the beach... grabe!!! hahaha!
  • I'm going to KL in a few weeks for the F1 race. I'll be traveling alone for the first time and a bit nervous! Is KL easy to navigate? How's the transportation?
  • ^
    hey, i'll be there too during the F1 weekend. where are you staying at? it'd be my first time in KL too.
  • has anyone been to genting resort? parang ang sarap magbakasyon dun. it's got a cool climate tapos ang daming attractions.
  • Hi.

    I'll be in Kuala Lumpur next week for a business trip. I'll be there for 2 weeks and I'd like to know the places I could visit. As I am there for a business trip, I don't know if I'll be able to travel to the far flung towns of Malaysia. Can anyone suggest places within KL to visit for affordable (or comparable to Manila) items? If ever I get to travel outside of KL, it will be for a day trip, can anyone suggest places for me to visit?

    I'll be staying at Le Meridien, which is suppossedly right next to the central station. What malls/places can you suggest which are accessible by the MRT? Do they have tiangges like those in Thailand in KL? I don't think I'll really be up for night markets as I will be going there alone (I heard robbery is pretty rampant in Malaysia). Are there any other tourist spots to visit?

    Would appreciate any info you guys can give. =^_^=
  • ^
    hey, i'll be there too during the F1 weekend. where are you staying at? it'd be my first time in KL too.

    Hi! I'm staying at the Radius Hotel... got a cheap package for it. Where are you staying? Are you watching the race? Anong grandstand mo?

    Anyway dun sa mga nakapunta na, how much ang cab fair sa KL? I think I'll have to commute to the track on the first day coz my F1 package doesn't include transfers on the first day...
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