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Are you the jealous type?

Some says jealousy makes a relationship healthier since it adds spice to it.

In fact I know someone who accused his
girlfriend of not caring for him anymore since he observed that never daw nag-selos yung gf niya. Weird!


  • I'm not the jealous type...I'm the antipatiko type. I don't know about the spicing up ur relationship with jealousy thing...but I do know that the green-eyed monster breaks up a relationship. Most of the selosos become hyper-possessive while the selosas become ultra-naggers.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I am by nature selosa, but I've got a pretty good grip on it. Even if I'm jealous, I don't let it show, nor do I let it reel its head. Letting it run a relationship would ultimately kill love and respect.
  • hindi ako selosa at all! my brother says it's a reflection of how much i've shared of myself in the relationship. made me feel bad, tuloy. you think that's true, though? that if you don't get jealous every now and then, you're not really 'into' the relationship?
  • i'm seloso and like ira i like to keep it to myself. kse i wouldn't want it to turn to another discussion. i tell my gf when i'm jealous pero not everytime. kaya she doesn't know when i get jealous.
  • no
    if there were times thta i am jealous, i just deny it
    i believe that jealousy is an brought about by insecurity
    sabi nga nila, its easy for other people to take advantage of it
    pero if you come to think of it, its their loss naman not yours diba?
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    no, i'm not. i'm not going to let jealousy ruin my life... if he wouldn't be true to me e d huwag nalang... i started without him anyway...so what if he goes?
  • BG: What if pinagseselos ka lang pala talaga to test if you still care?

    Do you think it's okay to use it as a tactic to test if someone cares for you or not????
    Is it a good basis?
  • i don't think being jealous is a sign of insecurity. insecure ba ko? nde naman di ba?
    pero regarding sa question above me, sarap kapag nagseselos yung partner mo no? ahihihi. pero nde sha magandang basis if he/she cares for yah.
  • I definitely am the jealous type...that's one of the things I'm afraid of if and when I do get into a relationship...that I won't be able to help being green-eyed..
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    allycia: he'd know if i still care or not. am not the touchy-clingy type. so i guess pag i don't care, i won't even bother to stay near him. and i'll definitely avoid him at all cost.

    Do you think it's okay to use it as a tactic to test if someone cares for you or not????
    Is it a good basis?

    ---no, it won't work for me. i mean, i'd drop the guy like a hot potato once i find out he had been sweetie-sweetie with another girl. at lalong mas nakakainis yung he will test me pa, shows how insecure he is.

  • i hate to admit it but i am the jealous type...but like some of you, i am able to restrain it din naman...if i detect that the girl is not much of a threat, cool lang ako & my jealousy eventually subsides...however, once i sense that the girl is invading my "territory," aba gerra na yun noh...she had better be prepared to face the wrath of the ugly green monster! grrrrrrrrrr...
  • i guess everybody who cares bout another person gets jealous naman e...it's just a matter of how u show your jealousy. me nga nga nagseselos pa ko sa girlfriend ng ex ko e samantalang sya dapat yung nagseselos sa kin. nway, ok lang naman e cos dein ko naman inaaway yung girlfriend nya or anythin like that. badtrip nga if d guy doesnt get jealous. i swear...u better check if that person has a heart or not. he's prolly just to egoistic to accept some insecurities he might have.
  • I am the very jealous type of person. Selfish? Not really. It's just that I'm the type of person who gives my all in everything I do and I expect that the person at least reciprocates me for it, if not equally at least something commensurate to what I've shown. :)
  • well...yes i'm jealous but of course i show it in a civilized manner... its just the matter of how one handle his jealousy well of course you should not bluster your jealousy to everybody and let the whole world know how you feel, if you can just keep it to yourself then do it...
  • i would say that i am the jealous type but honestly, i think it doesn't really work. i mean, if a guy is faithful, then he will be faithful, if he's a player, then he'll play around, it's as simple as that, the girlfriend's frequent checks on him and constant nagging wouldn't amount to anything.

    i've also read from a book that guys would pursue you more if you are not jealous. your jealousy will only lead him to want more space and leave you.

    jealousy tells more about you than your partner. it's a sign of how secure or insecure you are with yourself :)
  • I am the jealous type and I really really dislike it when I get jealous.

    I don't show it though. Kasi I keep thinking na if this guy knows na selosa ako baka magpalakpak tenga naman sya...so cool lang ako pero inwardly...i'm seething! :D
  • kinda. sometimes it gets out of hand na nga eh. but i'm really doing my best to control myself.

    sure he denies na there's nothing naman and that ako lang praning. he asks me why i'm selosa, well sometimes kasi it's coz he's the one who gives me reasons to doubt him.
    labo ba ;)
  • minsan di ko mapigilan yung sarili ko but i agree that it should not rule a realtionship. i was also accused for not caing about my bf since at the first di talga ko nagseselos. eh nagalit siya so ngayon i have to let it show. seloso rin kasi bf ko eh. :rolleyes:
  • when i get jealous.. di ko pinapakita.. di ko sinasabi.. cause if you get jealous. u'll learn to hate.. hating leads to destruction...
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