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Mariel Rodriguez





  • INTERNATIONAL star and Backroom, Inc.'s newest talent, Mariel Rodriguez joins local showbizness! The 20-year-old looker was cast in "Rouge," an action-packed TV series shown all over Asia via MTV and is now part of GMA's "Extra Challenge" and "Love to Love" as well as MTV Philippines as an MTV VJ.

    Mariel has also done a number of commercials, including Clean and Clear, Pizza Hut and Talk N' Text. Her last commercial was as the female lead to Lucky Manzano in the Close-up Eucalyptus TV Commercial. A few months later after the Closeup commercial, she sent her photos via email to the producers of "Rouge." She then did a web cam audition. So enamored they were with her beauty and talent that she was sent to Singapore to personally audition and was cast immediately in "Rouge" as Pam, a "walking encyclopedia." "Rouge" airs every Thursday, 7 p.m. on MTV Philippines.

    Mariel recently flew back to Manila to pursue an active showbiz career in the Philippines. "I want to try out showbizness in our country. I love acting, dancing and hosting and I hope I can use the lessons I have learned here in Singapore in the Philippines," says Mariel upon arriving in the country.

    "Everything's so fast that I can't believe this is all happening to me," she gushes, who besides pursuing an active career in showbizness is currently enrolled as a sophomore at the De La Salle University. "But I couldn't be happier. In every endeavor I do, I promise myself to do my best. And that's what I plan to do in showbizness. Everytime I'm given a job whether as host or actress, I give my everything to get the job done."
  • wala me mahanap na picture niya. nakaka inis
  • post kayo ng picture niya ha. pllssss
  • siya ba yung nasa extra chalenge?
  • PRETTY NIA!!..sobra!..sana lalo pang tumaas rating ng extra!
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  • eloo :wave:

    buti may nag reply.

    yap pretty siya.
  • bye na!!

  • :wave: ty sa mga sumagot, yap maganda nga siya..at magaling din, sana hindi lang siya sinasapawan ni paolo mag host:wave:
  • pretty nia!!!she has a cute cheek...hehe.
  • :spinstar: mariel :spinstar:

    c/o of glamgirl22 from praning.com...

    she's pretty!!!
  • Originally posted by sassypinay


    c/o of glamgirl22 from praning.com...

    she's pretty!!!

    *okay* pretty talaga.
  • thanks 4 the picture, buti naman nag ka roon na siya ng picture dito1 wala kasi ako mahanap. naka limutan ko namang i save yung mga pic. na nakita ko sa tabloid dati
  • Originally posted by sassypinay

    pretty nia!!!she has a cute cheek...hehe.

    *okay* pretty talaga.:)
  • pretty sya though chubby.
  • Originally posted by dAyDeTTe

    pretty sya though chubby.

    *okay* yup! pero bagay naman sa kanya diba. sana bigyan siya ni paolo ng pag kaka taon mag host ng mahaba. hindi puro si paolo:D
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