What do people find weird about you =)

Sabi nila weird daw ako kasi ginagawa kong palaman ang Mr. Chips...weird ba yun??

Kayo kaya??


  • BadGiRLBadGiRL procrastination specialist PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ako dati ginagawa kong palaman piattos e...

    wierd daw ako kasi i don't like pets... my whole barkada have pets...and they just oohs and aahss over dogs or cats...yuck! and all i know abt them is that when i see a dog it's a dog...i can't distinguish a retriever from something..heck i don't even know what a retriever looks like....

    basta i don't hate them...they look kinda cute actually..provided they are like...10 feet away from me...
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I freak out whenever I see calamansi and tomato seeds. I find them so disgusting that the sight of them can make me lose my appetite.
  • jepoyjepoy Member PExer
    freak out on tomato and kalamansi seeds???
    That is weird.. any story behind that phobia of yours Ada? Were you attacked by giant kalamansi seeds as a child or something?? hahaha.. sorry couldn't resist. :)
  • jepoyjepoy Member PExer
    Me, i like putting banana ketchup on my monggo (the ulam)...

    I also like wearing my underwear on my head, doing 20 push-ups on top of our dining table, while singing the national anthem backwards, at 3 in the morning... but then again, everyone does that.. right?
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    I guess what people find weird about me is the fact that i eat too much but im not really fat although im starting to gain weight na...eheheheheh

    Another thing is I put ketchup and suka on my beef tapa!

    Grabe ADA- i dont understand why you freak out at the sight of calamansi and tomato seeds...that is weird...(no offense!)
  • Mister DeanMister Dean www.GannsDeen.com PExer
    Heehee, hey Ada, have you seen "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?" :) How about "Salsa"? :D
  • Ronald_LawrenceRonald_Lawrence solitary by choice PExer
    People find me weird whenever they get to find out that I listen to heavy metal. Sheesh, how naive people can get?!?

    Another thing. People find it weird in me na I hate the stench (and smell) of ketchup. I can't finish my food whenever I smell the scent of ketchup...weird, no?
  • kmunsterkmunster Member PExer
    ppl give me the that-girl-is-weird look whenever i tell them that i'm a WWF addict. they say "kababae mong tao nanonood ka nyan"
    talk about stereotypes...i used to get mad when they say that wrestling was scripted (that was when i was 10 yrs old) but now i've realized na fake nga talaga...
    right now i watch WWF not much for the matches themselves but for the story...talo pa soap opera nun eh...

    and i also watch it for the nice bods :)
  • MeijiMeiji oxymoron & gadfly PExer
    EVERYTHING about me! (LOL) :D
  • JonnyJonny Charonte Demon PExer
    Peeps find it weird that i could be in a conversation with someone and i just spit out facts or things about certain things they say. The weirder thing is, I have no idea where I get these facts..
  • ZenZen Member PExer
    My voice, especially my laugh. Tawang tawa daw kse ako pati sila napapatawa.. eh ano nga ba point? Ehehe, ewan. :P
  • MOMO skimming thru PExer
    eating fishballs...

    as palaman sa bread

    what's wrong with it?
    basically the way i eat and the things i put inside my mouth
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Jepoy: Ha-ha, good guess but not quite. :P I think it's just really gross when people add calamansi to their drinks and include the seeds. It's just sooo disgusting to see them floating around like that. *shudder* As for tomato seeds, I dunno how I got my phobia. They're just so icky.

    Mister Dean: Yeah, I've seen that movie. I don't remember them giant tomato's having seeds. They just kept on rolling throughout the entire film. :P
  • WangieWangie Member PExer
    MO: mas weird pa rin yung vinegar as beer...eeeewww...

    for me naman, in the words of Caramba: "Breathing is synonymous to laughing."
  • Denise`Denise` Member PExer
    I'm weird. PERIOD! hehe! =c)

    I guess the weirdest thing abt me is that I laugh at the corniest jokes! I laugh na lang basta pag minsan, actually =c? This is also what I like most abt myself.. it doesnt take much to make me happy =c)
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    MO: Drinking the Lapid's vinegar IS weird.

    People don't under my passion for Hello Kitty. And bags. Sometimes even I find it weird. Ehehehehehe!

    Oh yeah, some people think my "OC-iness" is really weird. Pero hindi naman ah. :)
  • MOMO skimming thru PExer
    i dont drink lapid's vinegar all the time you know! and yes cha, you are wierd!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    MO: Just being able to do that, even just once, IS weird. :)
  • cLaRiSsEcLaRiSsE Member PExer
    my friends think im weird because i dont drink milk and i dont eat mais, niyog, kamote, beans, nuts and anything that when u eat it, it leaves little particles inside ur mouth.

    plus, my attitude/ mood changes during the Full Moon. they say im irritable and impatient during those times of the month! i noticed it too because i even came to the point of hating myself for simple mistakes that i do!
  • ZenZen Member PExer
    Yikes Les, nabalitaan ko yan... how can u drink that?

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