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Ruffa G. Bektas

I read this article sa www.carouselpinoy.com. Marami kasi talagang nagtataka sa situation ni Ruffa at ng asawa nya. At isa sa mga fan ang nagtanong. eto po pakibasa na lang. post your own opinion sa mga emails nila.


A Fan Questioning Yilmaz! - An exclusive By Oliver Carnay

I received numerous e-mails questioning Ruffa about her husband Yilmaz, who was in Istanbul, Turkey, attending to his business at the time Ruffa was in delivery at the Cedars Sinai when she gave birth to Venicia Loran, her second daughter. I'm sure it was also an issue to some people so I decided to put out a "guide" letter from one of the e-mails I got - and Ruffa's first response to some allegations she is currently receiving.

The following is an e-mail from a certain Aubrey Mendoza ([email protected]):

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 14:53:49 -0700 (PDT)
I saw photos of Ruffa G. and her baby @picturetrail, but hey, where is her beloved husband???? Baby Lorin had lots of big parties in her 1st bday including one in the Phil. but where is the muslim daddy? Kulang na nga lang yata lahat ng lugar na puntahan nila magpapaparty sila, pero kahit isa dun wala si Ylmaz. Normal ba yun, mas importante pa ang business (kuno) kesa sa mag-ina nya? oh come on, anong klaseng rason yan. They are just fooling the people around them, including Ruffa's fans. Mas daddy pa yata si jun lalin kasi lagi syang present kahit sa panganganak ni Ruffa. hahaha. Just wondering lang po. PEACE.

And my response to her: Oliver Carnay <[email protected]>

Hi Aubrey,

Ruffa gave birth to Venicia Loran three weeks ahead of her scheduled delivery. Yilmaz was and is scheduled to arrive September 28, the original date one week before Ruffa's original scheduled delivery.

Yilmaz has a big responsibility in Istanbul, attending to their numerous family businesses. Ruffa chose to deliver her baby in Los Angeles while keeping in contact with Yilmaz on an hour to hour basis.

Thanks for prying. God Bless you


Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:38:08 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Oliver for replying. But my question naman is hindi lang sa panganganak ngayon ni Ruffa. How about nung birth ni Lorin at sa mga magagarbong birthday parties nya. Bakit wala din si Yilmaz dun? Business din di ba, as usual na mga sagot nila. Just wondering lang kasi sa mga nababasa ko tungkol sa mga artista hindi lang sa Pilipinas pati na din artista sa ibang bansa, o kahit na sa ordinaryong tao, proud sila na nasa tabi nila yung mga mahal nila sa buhay sa mga mahahalagang okasyon. Family comes first, ika nga. Kaya just wondering lang na sa mga ganung bagay laging wala sa tabi ni Ruffa ang asawa nya. Thanks again.

And here is what Ruffa had to say:

Hi Oliver! Hello hello there! Thanks for forwarding Aubrey's letter to me. I'm sure Aubrey isn't the only one who's curious about my husband and why he is never around during "big occasions" like all of Lorin's parties and most importantly, Venezia Loran's birth. Yilmaz was by my side during the birth of Lorin contrary to what Aubrey wrote.

First of all, Yilmaz is not a showbiz personality. It's not in his nature para magpakuha ng pictures sa press, mag pa interview sa mga TV shows and mag pa-cute sa camera katulad ng ibang non showbiz na nag asawa ng artista. He is a serious businessman from one of Turkey's most conservative and powerful families. He married me and accepted me for who I am because he loves me at tinanggap din niya ang mundong ginagalawan ko...ang mundo ng showbiz. He only agreed to be interviewed at our wedding simply because I told him to. Yilmaz values his privacy and that of his family like a tiger protecting his cubs. Don't you remember Lorin was not allowed to be photographed until she was 3 months old? Pumayag lang siya kunan kami sa mga glossy magazines because we wanted to make my fans happy. If it were up to him, he would have me locked down by his side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and just be a wife to him and the perfect mother to his kids. But because he wants me to be happy, pinagbibigyan niya ang mga hilig ko at ang mga luho ko.

I chose to give birth in LA for 2 straight years because I want my children to have the best of both worlds. If Yilmaz had his way, he would have me give birth in Istanbul pero ako ang makulit. Who cares if I'm separated from him for 3 months when I'll be with him for the rest of my life? He's coming in a week though and we can't wait to see each other!

Thank God I'm breastfeeding cuz if not, baka mabuntis nanaman ako! For those of you who are wondering where he is, don't wonder. I know exactly where he is 24 hours a day and that's all that matters. Allow us to live our lives and be happy. We don't live for you...we live for our family. If it's okay with us then why shouldn't it be okay for you?

As for the parties...those are not considered "BIG OCCASIONS" for us... wala lang akong magawa so why not throw a party here and there? Oh and Lorin had a huge party in Istanbul as well...bigger than the one in Manila. The only difference was...it was not publicized.>

Thanks for your concern Aubrey and thanks for your time my dear friend, Oliver. Call me when you have time! Take care...

Ruffa x



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