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Softball anyone?

My game has always been softball. I fell in love with the sport back in highschool when I took it for Phys Ed. But back then, you only had to hit the ball 100 feet into the field and you would have scored a homerun! But having joined the varsity back in college, I've realized how much hard work you'd have to put in to even touch first base. But the rush is just fabulous! Anyone out there share my sport? I've heard about a team in Alabang and I'm interested in joining a couple of games.I've still got my gloves and a wooden bat, too!


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I'll play with you!!!
  • jackjack PExer
    likewise. it was my sport in hs.
  • i enjoyed playing softball when i was in high school...it's a fun sport :D
  • Originally posted by nix:
    I'll play with you!!!
    nix naman, :rolleyes: nabubuking na kayo ni Mavi diyan... lol.gif
  • i am resurrecting this discussion because i have an org in college that plays softball just for the fun of it. and we are trying to get more people to play with us because one thing with softball is you can't play it when you're all alone. if anyone is in the up vicinity, we play at the sunken garden on wednesdays.

  • *bump*

    i played softball back in HS and i havent been playing in years. i'm not that good but i'm ok. i'd like to play again.

    pinktikbalang, are you still open for new players? i still need to train, though. and i don't have the equipment either. :unhappy:
  • count me in!!!! I miss softball so much!!!
    taga alabang din ako!!!
  • san kaya si pinktikbalang? . . . sana pede pa sumali . . .

    sb1pink, your from alabang? . . . i'm from pque . . . do you know the team Mavi is talking about?
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