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DaimlerChrysler to use abaca

Afaic this is good news and something to be proud off. :) Wonder if other automakers will use abaca. :)

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Daimler-Chrysler to use Philippine abaca
Posted: 6:24 AM | Oct. 20, 2004

Inquirer News Service

AUTOMAKER Daimler-Chrysler has approved the use of Philippine abaca for the exterior lining of its class A cars, which include the Plymouth and the Mercedes-Benz, Daimler-Chrysler consultant Dr. Werner Muhlbauer told the Inquirer Tuesday.

Philippine abaca meets the standards of the firm and can substitute for the non-recyclable fiberglass used to line the cars' chassis, he said.

"Daimler-Chrysler has decided to incorporate Philippine abaca for its composite materials for the exterior lining of its cars. It has the same strength as fiberglass, minus the weight," Muhlbauer said.

Muhlbauer said he did the scientific testing of Philippine abaca with the help of the Leyte State University.

They are still studying if Philippine abaca can also be used for the cars' interiors, he said.

"Daimler-Chrysler just wants an assurance that the quality and quantity of Philippine fiber could be sustained in the next five years," he said. "We hope there would not be too much price fluctuations."

Abaca fiber was the Philippines' first top agriculture export.

It is used as raw material for cordage, rope, as well as tea bags. With INQ7.net

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  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Tamang-tama yan pampataas ng GDP natin. :)
  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    Sort of reminds me of an old Cheech and Chong movie where the entire van is made out of cannabis sativa. :D
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