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Tulfo brothers

cuchcuch do i make you horny, baby? ✭✭✭
pexers i need your help, i'm really interested in this book about the tulfo bros. i saw it in one episode of ces drilon's pipol show, i forgot the title. maybe you can help me.


  • marco_1marco_1 M I Y E M B R O ✭✭
    kilala nyo ba mga tulfo brothers? (Mon, Erwin, Raffy at Ben) sino paborito nyo? ako ok naman silang lahat, medyo matatapang pero nakakatulong naman sila sa mga naaapi :)
  • observerobserver I'm watching you... ✭✭
    tama bang andito tong thread na to? parang pang local movies and tv to... :D

    anyway, ok sila lahat sa akin. bilib ako sa tapang nila... :D
  • soltera81soltera81 A little bit of everything ✭✭
    Have you heard about the AC-DC (Attack-Collect; Defend-Collect) journalists?

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