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how do you turn down a suitor?

Hey girls! You know that awful feeling of telling a guy you don't like him (much more love him!)? So how do you break it to them?


  • well basically, i think it's hard for girls to say "no" explicitly to a guy who is courting her... syempre ur gonna take into consideration pa his feelings n stuff... dat is if he's a good guy...

    pero dun sa mga guys na sobra kulit talga... and wala naman ka style style of makin a proposal... i guess girls have to give them a hard "no"

    from what i hear... ang pinaka generic sa lahat ng pambabasted eh... "i really like u... but... i think we are better off as friends" o diba! pinaka-generic yun!

  • break it to him straight..

    it will be more appreciated in the long run..
  • it's so hard to tell someone that you love him... especially if you have no idea of what he feels for you...

    i think that girls should give it sometime na muna... they can assess what the guy is feelin for them... kung talgang wala... don't feel bad... there are other men out there who would like you for what and who you are! go gurl!
  • You just Got to say it in a nice way...the guy will understand
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yeah, tama si asassin....it would be better if you tell the guy straight that hey, i don't like you, this is going nowhere.....you'd save him a lot of things...
  • I think Im gonna hear one of these in the near future
  • I am a man. And as a man I am begging in behalf of all the men in Pinoyexchange. There is one thing that we really don't want to hear and so please never, NEVER use this phrase on us when you're turning us down.

    "It's not you...it's me...."

    I beg of you again.
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hmm.... i guess telling him straight will be the best way.... :) ... but i guess doing it in the proper way is important... i guess you just have to find a say to say ayaw ko sa iyo in a nice way... :) take into consideration also the feelings of the guy :)
  • just go straight to the point when he asks you. pero be nice and sincere. don't ever play with his feelings. saying no to a guy is like stepping on his ego. masakit siyempre mabasted (like i know eh noh?!). pero tao rin yon. just make it clear to him na di talaga puede. basta ba wala kang iiwan sa kanya na idea that would make him realize na .. ay buti pala di niya ko sinagot. who knows baka magkita kayo uli in the future and ikaw naman yung magsisisi... ;)
  • My friend who seems to be a late bloomer in love and relationships is asking how to turn down this guy who likes her but whom she doesn't have any feelings for. This is her first time kasi to encounter this. She doesn't want naman to be impolite and act cold on the phone but she doesn't want to be too friendly either! what to do, what to do?
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    sorry to say but for me, turning down a person in a subtle way is more impolite than telling that person the truth... i think it's better talaga if it is directly said kesa naman pasikot-sikot ka pa, sasaktan mo rin naman-- papatagalin mo pa... ;)
  • As a man whose heart has been broken gently many times...

    1) Be CONSISTENT. If she wants to play it COLD, then she should stick to that. If she wants to be nice about it, fine. Just don't send mixed signals. Mixed signals give a guy hope. In psychology, it's called partial reinforcement.

    2) Be SURE. Sometimes the guy and the girl do belong together.

    3) If you have a good, non-offensive reason, tell him WHY.

    Depending on the situation, you can stay friends. It's happened to me.

    Don't know if that will work for your friend's suitor, but it's happened to me.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • Originally posted by yax-ytterp:
    sorry to say but for me, turning down a person in a subtle way is more impolite than telling that person the truth... i think it's better talaga if it is directly said kesa naman pasikot-sikot ka pa, sasaktan mo rin naman-- papatagalin mo pa... ;)

    yup, you've got to tell him the TRUTH!!!
    it hurts but at least you told the damn truth---go straight to the point, pero in a nice way naman ;)

    just say what you really feel, he has the right to know why you have to turn him down, k? :D

  • say it straight out.

    well, dont waste your time by entertaining him. doing so wastes his time as well.
  • they are all correct..

    if a woman is to turn down a man, do it straightforward.. there is no getting around it.. it is better that it be said straight without any sugar coating.. for that will be better in the long run..

    I myself would like it better if it was told to me straight.. it may hurt but at least it will not leave me hanging for something which I would never have in the first place..
  • i your friend can't tell the guy straight out(which is the best way..) tell her to write the guy a letter..just tell him that you don't think things will work out...

  • i agree with JDELEON.. be consistent, don't generate false hopes. it's more painful that way and much harder to accept.. trust me i know..
  • tell him I dont love you and I dont want to see you anymore! :)
  • Just don't lead him on. Believe me... mas masakit sa mga lalaki ang paasahin kesa mabasted. Kung ayaw niya sa kanya, sabihin niya.
  • Oo nga, oo nga. Mahirap magpaasa. Masasaktan lang yung guy. Ganyan nangyari sa kabarkada namin. Gusto naming patayin yung girl na kumawawa sa kanya.
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