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baby graceybaby gracey Member PExer
Anyone here familiar with maersk-filipinas?
How's the working environment, culture, training, pay, career growth etc?

If there's another thread about it already, pls inform me. Thanks a lot!!



  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    hi baby gracey,
    may i know what position do you plan to join maersk?
  • baby graceybaby gracey Member PExer
    hi prussianblue!

    I had my exam today for a sales executive position. Are you from maersk?
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  • skullbreakerskullbreaker Member PExer
    hey, san location ng Maersk-Filipinas, baka pwede rinako mag aaply. thanks
  • Feedback on their training program (M.I.S.E.)?
  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    you can check out the maersk website:
    [url],[/url] just go to the careers and jobs page.
    Choose Philippines for any openings here in our country. It is updated regularly naman.

    Bourne Supreme,
    for details about the MISE program
    Maersk-Filipinas is currently accepting applicants for the program. You can also check out the careers and jobs page at
  • baby graceybaby gracey Member PExer
    how's the application process? and how long does it usually take? how many interviews are there?
  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    sorry dont know about the specific details re: application and interview process.
    btw how did you learn about the sales executive position?
    as you can see at the website, it isn't even listed :)
  • baby graceybaby gracey Member PExer
    found it at jobsdb
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    Pruss: I'm actually hoping to get "boiler room

    information" so to speak but just the same, thanks I appreciate

  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    sorry about that. the only way to get these "boiler room information" is from someone who had firsthand experience being a mise trainee.
    As there are only a handful of Filipinos that I know of who were able to or currently going thru this process it is hard to get this info.
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  • baby graceybaby gracey Member PExer
  • sweet_ryansweet_ryan Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    up for this thread
  • bastarg_gurlbastarg_gurl Member PExer
    what are the other positions available?
  • bata_sa_maynilabata_sa_maynila Member PExer
    a brother of a friend is working for the company... actually, ang alam ko may dalawang office sila, isa sa ortigas (ata) and isa sa PBCom tower sa makati (which, may i add, has a great view of manila bay :p) not sure though sa position niya but i heard comments that the salary is not that high... pero ngayon, he's training sa europe for several months :p astig noh? may sweldo siya dun saka dito :p but another thing, medyo mataas ang turnover rate sa dept nila...
  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    high turnover rate po? i don't think so, the whole maersk organization in the philippines only number around a thousand (more or less)
  • bata_sa_maynilabata_sa_maynila Member PExer
    ^^ it was just based dun sa dept ng bro ng friend ko na wala na atang ka-batch na natira sa kanila (he worked there for only around 3-4 years)... :) if im wrong, i apologize :)
  • sweet_ryansweet_ryan Member PEx Guru ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    does it really take them long to process application forms? coz i submitted my resume two weeks ago but i haven't heard anything from long is the waiting period ba sa maersk before they contact you?i know i'm qualified enough at least for an exam or interview.
  • prussianblueprussianblue Member PExer
    you don't need to apologize at all.
    probably he was part of the of the original Sealand organization before Maersk bought it and formed Maersk Sealand.

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