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winner. we won. move on. startalk.

i was watching a segment on startalk this afternoon, and right before each commercial break, this message would fill up your tube:

winner. we won. move on. startalk.


can someone enlighten me on what they were talking about with that stunt? are they really that insecure that they need to plaster it in bold letters in front of every viewers' faces? pathetic.


  • TT BOYTT BOY the Techie Pornstar PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ralphot.. yun yung tagline nila for the week...
    every week iba iba yan... eh sila yung nanalo sa golden screen awards kaya sila lantaran ang pagsasabi panalo sila
  • raikou_99raikou_99 et lacrimatus est Iesus PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yeah. insecure sila. for them, awards are not recognition for their expertise, but mere tools for showing off.

    yung golden screen awards ba, yan din yung enpress na kaduda-duda ang credibility?
  • RalPhotRalPhot bakit?!? PExer
    ic. but, IMO, that was really out of line. they can come up with better taglines than that - one that doesn't have to annoy viewers who have had enough of this silly network war.
  • TT BOYTT BOY the Techie Pornstar PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    eh hindi naman nag sosourgraping ang thebuzz and ek channel..
    baka pinaparinggan nila yung Sfiles.. hehehehehhe
  • karlamaekarlamae Banned by Admin PExer
    excuse me ...

    pinatunayan ng Startalk na magaling sila
  • robbiethompsonrobbiethompson KAPUSONG TOTOO PExer

    di magkaaaway ang the buzz at startalk..BOy is still a good friend of STARTALK>

    talga namang nanalo sila diba ng showbiz oriented show..

    tska everyweek may title sila sa so happen they have slected this title lang..

    anong issue dun??
  • RalPhotRalPhot bakit?!? PExer
    well, excuse me too... but i still think it's unnessecary.

    they can brag about all the awards they have. fine. but do it in a subtle manner. yes, at times ABS-CBN is also guilty of doing this, but recently they're doing their "bragging" subtly.

    case in point:
    since they won the KBP award for Best Network, they have incorporate a text that says so on their network ID. BUT, it's not written all over the screen. it's on the bottom and can pass for an afterthought. that's subtle.

    i wish GMA would do the same thing with their shows, because it really is annoying.
  • DaXeNDaXeN Member PExer
    hahaha! busy na naman ang mga KAPALMUKS sa panonood ng GMA :D
  • karlamaekarlamae Banned by Admin PExer
    oo nga DaXeN

    insecure kasi ang mga KAPALMILYA!

    palibhasa ngayon nila napagtanto na credible ang ENPRESS Awards kesa sa KBP.

    sa totoo lang ... mas credible kesa sa KBP
  • DaXeNDaXeN Member PExer
    hahaha! :lol:
  • karlamaekarlamae Banned by Admin PExer
    totoo naman ang sinasabi ko

  • azlamazlam Member PExer
    MOVE ON!
  • RalPhotRalPhot bakit?!? PExer
    huh? before this thread gets derailed by silly GMA is better, ABS is better posts... let me remind you to stick to the issue at hand.

    speaking as a casual tv viewer that constantly surfs all channels, i think that GMA is blowing this network war out of proportion. this stunt on Startalk is but an example.

    now, regarding the KBP-Enpress comparison. KBP, as its name suggests, is THE kapisanan ng mga broadcaster sa pilipinas. it has been around for decades. enpress only popped up recently. now tell me who's more credible?
  • karlamaekarlamae Banned by Admin PExer
    syempre ENPRESS!

    tinatanong pa ba yan!

    hindi na credible ang KBP no?
  • DaXeNDaXeN Member PExer
    nag papalusot pa! :lol:
  • pollywogpollywog ...just because PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Credible ang ENPRESS?!

  • janray:)janray:) Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    there's nothing wrong naman sa sinasabi ng startalk. i don't mind it kasi totoo naman e. unless, nagsinungaling sila.

    i don't think enpress is stupid enuff para magpabayad sa GMA kung yun ang sinasabi ng mga totoong insecure dito...

    in the first place bat kayo ang nagrereact? there's nothing wrong dahil proud lang naman sila. i don't really see why this would be a big deal.

    kagaya nga ng sinabi ng startalk, MOVE ON!

    hehehehe, peace:)
  • cyberfoxcyberfox Banned By Admin PExer
    OMG!! hehehe!!! depensa ang tawag dyan!!!! kasi akala nila bibirahin sila ng mga Talk shows ng ABS-CBN!!

    ang nakalimutan nila...... mature network ang ABS-CBN dibaFritz Infante!!
  • janray:)janray:) Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    depensa? they are just stating the truth, bat ba masyado naman ninyong pinapalaki ang issue..

    kung ek channel ang nanalo, i careless din dahil totoo naman (kung sila ang nanalo).

    hindi naman sila nanira nung sinabi nila iyon. they are stating the truth.
  • cyberfoxcyberfox Banned By Admin PExer
    deserving para sa akin ang The bash!


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