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WebWorks OS

Good day. Does anyone of u guys work for this company or knows someone who does? Just need more information coz I might work for this company. Thank you.


  • KikkomannKikkomann Wise *** PExer
    Uy! Ano position inapplyan mo?:D
  • yang_14yang_14 Member PExer
    hi sparton!

    when are you going to start working at webworks. i will start working this week. what position did you apply for?
  • spartonsparton Member PExer
    m gna start dis coming wednesday too. :)
  • yang_14yang_14 Member PExer
    sparton, are you a member of high iq society?
  • 18th_Angel18th_Angel The Wanderer PExer
    May position pa ba dun? Am currently looking for a job..
  • 18th_Angel18th_Angel The Wanderer PExer
    Fresh grad pala ako.. IT course
  • spartonsparton Member PExer
    ei yang_14!! yep, im a member of IHIQS.. y? u a member too?? btw, wat position mo sa webworks??
  • uhmuhm --- tao lang po --- PExer
    ano type of work jan sa WebWorks?
  • blue_macublue_macu Member PExer
    Webworks OS ok un! It makes me smile everyday! :D
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    This company is affiliated with "high iq society?"
  • doomsdayerdoomsdayer underground chick PExer
    huh whatdya mean high iq society?ganun ba talaga bldg nila??
  • woulfe27woulfe27 Member PExer
    webworks OS is owned by joey gurango, our former boss at microsoft GP. yung ibang officemates namin dati sa microsoft, nandyan din. ok dyan kase dinala nila yung culture ng microsoft (flexi time, no dress code, etc.) hanapin nyo si badong magadia, yung SQA manager/ lead nila. ayain nyo inuman :)
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    I guess they want to make sure that the smartest people work for them. :)
  • spartonsparton Member PExer
    ei zimdude!! ows? passed the ihiqs exam last march pa.. at dat tym wla pa akong alam about webworks.. sino-sino members? kasi as of now, 12 lang ang members ng ihiqs na tga-pinas.. btw, nagstart na ako kanina.. hehe :)
  • zocirzocir Member PExer
    hey guys, I'm unemployed and interested in joining your company. I took the ihiqs exam earlier and I passed, got 126, hanging by a thread, tsamba na lang kase yung last puzzles lalo na yung bubuohin mo yung object... :) Kaso "pay later" lang kinuha ko, ala naman kase ako credit card, sino sainyo may CC? pahiram naman :) bayaran ko na lang, gusto ko rin kase nung cert :)

    Anyway, what advantages do I have now that I'm "gifted"?
  • totoy_ittotoy_it Member PExer
    Hi sparton!

    I'm also a ihiqs exam passer.

    Pang 13th ba me sa Pinas?

    Just want to know wats the advantage of paying the "Standard Membership: $59.95 USD"?

  • NeutronBurstNeutronBurst somehowisenough PExer
    saan ba pwede mag-apply? anu-ano ba ang qualifications?
  • ol_dudol_dud Member PExer
    ganda dun! ganda dun!
  • smokindubismokindubi Magic Dust PExer
    Maganda ba dyan?? pahingi naman contact number / email. Marami b magaganda dyan?
  • My sister works for WebWorksOS... Ok naman daw dun. Well-compensated naman din

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