tell me about the precious stones business

I am considering to invest in precious stones (gold, diamonds, etc). Anyone knowledgeable who are willing to share their ideas for me to profit?


  • ichiichi Ichi the Great PExer
    Gold deposits cannot be handled here in the Philippines.

    If you want to invest in Gold, I'd suggest that you visit South Africa since they mine Gold and some companies have direct affiliations with banks that can handle gold deposits. I am sorry but I am not able to tell you the names of the companies since they are really kept confidential for safety reasons and direct selling can only be done if you are introduce personally to them by their trusted customer.

    One thing I assure you is that the price of gold goes up almost every day. As for the investment, you will need quite a large amount of money since depositing gold bars is not as easy since other banks require a certain weight before you can deposit them in their banks.

    You can try investing(Stock Market) in mine companies but I advice you, never with mine companies in the Philippines. All the information I have posted is from my own experience and does not concern the Phils. since gold deposits are usually handled off-shore.
  • omengomeng the glorious ✭✭
    what about raw materials of crystals?

    i have 300kilos of this.

    how much kaya ko maibebenta?

    naks: dyan ako bilib sayo pare:

    easy easy lang check mo muna baka may gems and diamonds na pala ang nasa loob nyan :D
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Baka ibang crystals yan, ha? Malaki ang kita doon pero ipahuhuli kita. :lol:
  • ichiichi Ichi the Great PExer

    omeng... huling balita ko lagpas sa 1 kilo bitay daw...hahaha
  • omengomeng the glorious ✭✭
    nakupo... di nga? kung tutuo man yan.. nagbibiro lang ako.. he he

    actually, wala pa aking mga galamay, but i can bought it right away to those aetas. sila yung pagbibilhan ko. nabalitaan ko nga na kailangan may DENR permit ang bibili, ewan ko.. pero may kausap na ako na pagbibilhan.. parang buy and sell lang.. di ko lang talaga ang presyuhan sa ganitong business. delikado ba talaga? thanks

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