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Will you ever go back?

life is hard and tough. but you already have move on and learned your lesson well.

But sometimes on the back of your mind and deep in your heart, you hope and baka may chance pa ulit .

Will ever you go back with your ex or that person that you loved so much before?

even there is possibility or no possibility.


  • i just broke up with my boyfriend and i wont deny the fact that i miss him. the thing is, its been the same problem for 5 years now and i've had enough. as much as i still love him, i've got to start loving myself again. i have to accept the fact that he may not be right for me after all. why subject myself to another round of pain? i don't think he'll change for the better, and i don't believe that love is all that matters.
  • i've always pledged to myself never to return. so far, i've not been in a situation where i'm torn about it. i just think that if i had moved on and i was happy, then it was for the best. just think of the reason why u guys broke up. it'll provide u with some reasoning to start with.

    grabe si mint, 5 yrs! i know someone who's in the same situation like u. pero what i can't dig is that they've freshly broken up after almost 7 yrs, and they are hanging out like friends and making kwento about their dating! ack! di ba parang abnormal yun? too much pain for me i think, and they kinda repel it when people try to tell them to take it easy. are u friends with ur ex at least? u know, like the couple i just mentioned?
  • para sa akin...only time would tell kung magkabalikan kami..kung kami, kami..kung hindi wag ipilit at mag pasalamat ka na lang na nandyan siya para maging frend mo :)
  • hindi naman abnormal iyon,
    wasteland unusual lang. maybe be hangang best friends lang sila talaga. maybe they just found out after seven years.

    me too, i always believe that you should never go back and that's what other older people tell me.

    but sometimes, siympre if you have loved. you still to cling on hope. kasi sa case ko naman, hindi naman kami naging "kami", she decided not lang talaga.

    pero deep in my heart, i believe that things would be okay maybe not today maybe in the future.

    i always pray nga (which dati hindi ko ginagawa) na to accept things na lang and move on pero hindi ko maiwasan to ask the Lord to na pagbigyan niya na lang ako this time for once hindi naman ako nagask na kahit ano sa kanya before kasi i know i still love her.
  • nope, we're far from being friends. it was a really bad break up and it will take some time for us to be even civil to each other. sayang talaga coz 5 years is no joke and i really loved him. i still love him but i'm no longer in love with him.
  • i will never go back to him, never again. i've had enough and i think i did everything para pagbigyan sya kya ngayon sarili ko naman pagbibigyan ko. hoever im grateful naman sa mga magagandang memories namin pero pag naiisip ko lahat ng pangit na ginawa nya sakin nade-degrade ang pagkatao ko.

    oo sya lang talaga ang nagmahal at na-treat sa akin ng ganun ka-special but he is also the reason kumabakit nawalan ako ng self-worth.

    let me say it again,i will never go back to him and even if he is the last man in the world, no thanks but i'd rather be alone than be with him. not to a user, @ssh0le & rude guy like him.

    i will never put a trash back to my life
  • NOPE! kahit na mahal ko pa sya di na ko mkikipag balikan sa kanya. dati... niloko ako bf ko.. nkipag balikan sya sa dating nyang gf.. dahil nga mahal ko, binigyan ko second chance but it didn't work out. wala ng trust. kahit wala syang ginagawang masama nasa isip ko, niloloko pa rin nya ko.. then... after a year, nalaman ko na lng na ikakasal na sila nung girl... dba, ang galing nila. MAGSAMA SILA! Pero yun nga, kung kaya mo syang pagkatiwalaan ulet... y not. wala nmang masama dun. kayo nman nakaka alam kung mahal nyo pa ang isat-isa....:D
  • GilmoreGalGilmoreGal PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^^ ouch!! ang kapal naman ng mukha ng ex mo
  • di na...this is way way better than before...even if hindi kami naguusap..my ex is happy now..even if there is a dint of chance..wag na lang kasi hindi na kami natututo sa isa't isa
  • 2 yrs ago (when my ex and i just broke up), i'd say 'no way!' ..i was too hurt to admit defeat (in not being able to sustain a relationship) and so i immediately built my walls again as high as i could.. now, after 2 years of being *stuck* with my ex AS FRIENDS (as in driking buddy, barkada in the village -type), i guess its alright to entertain the thought of getting back with him.. its weird cos i kinda compared the other guys i dated with how my ex was/is.. most of the time i'd still prefer my ex's personality than my date's pa-cute character.. i'd say i'll be ok if my ex and i got back together.. steady lang.. :smoke:
  • sorry kung napaalaala ko sa inyo mga girls tama naman ang mga sinabi ninyo especially kung bad talaga ang mga nangyari. most likely walang nang chance..

    i think naman i deserve another chance kasi hindi naman ako nanloko or something like that.

    ibang tao nabibigyan pa nang isang chance sana rin naman ako, i pray to God that I could get it someday from her.

    "I wish I'd stayed, too. NOW I wish I'd stayed. I wish I'd done a lot of things. I wish I'd...I wish I'd stayed....I do." - Jim Carrey to Kate Winslet "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
  • Originally posted by white_valkyrie
    life is hard and tough. but you already have move on and learned your lesson well.

    But sometimes on the back of your mind and deep in your heart, you hope and baka may chance pa ulit .

    Will ever you go back with your ex or that person that you loved so much before?

    even there is possibility or no possibility.

    NO possibility.

    it will never be the same again.. even if i had changed for the better, i know i'll find and love a man who is way better (kung pwede the BEST one) than him. whatever he did to me that hurt me badly, it will always leave a scar/imprint on me.

    besides, he's not the only man in this world. :D
  • i used to say that i wouldn't get back with any of my exes, but really, i spoke too soon. an ex of mine recently made contact with me. shmpre he wants me back. it's been 10 yrs na and he's been looking for me pala all these years. he's changed naman. and besides, i was really young then kaya parang wala lang ung relationship namin dati. maybe i'll give it a shot.:)
  • GilmoreGalGilmoreGal PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^^ hope it'll work out this time! keep us posted :)
  • its relative. in your mind, you think of the possibility of going back to the same person, or to the same state. The thing is, you know the consequences and a part of you understands that it does bite. but deep inside you, you also know that its something you need. So no matter how much wisdom you've gained thrugh all the hurting, you're willing to go through the same thing all over again even if it means itd possibly hurt you in the end. love comes to those who arent afraid of what it brings.
  • nope. i wouldnt b d person i am today if not for him. i wouldnt change anything kht everything fell apart. i learned a lot naman :smokin:
  • nope. im better off without him. going back would mean il be in PAIN and HEARTACHES again...
  • yes... i would definitely go back... :( hay...
  • i just recently talked with an ex of 4yrs, after 3 yrs of silence, and it seems we miss each other and looking for a closure but we're too afraid to be honest and to be vulnerable again. we're afraid we'd end up hurting each other again kaya we're in nowhere land now.

    it's sad that we haven't moved on.
  • As of the moment, no. He cheated on me, the scars are still fresh. But who knows, in the future, when we're both mature, I might be eating back my words.
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