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Do long distance relationships work?

Do long distance relationships actually work?

My bf's going away for school in the us and i'm stuck here and miserable...help!


  • kolamickeykolamickey PEx Rookie ⭐
    hello! mickey here! i am in my late 20's. i have been in this kind of relationship for almost a year now. does it work? it depends. if you feel you are not happy, you are still young, and your partner will be away for a long time, i think a long distance relationship is not good for you at all. as a young individual you have a lot of options you have the chance to meet a lot of people. why stick to one (you partner) who is far away and you can't really be certain that you will end up walking the aisle with him/her.
    it's a choice. if you are still in college my advice is go meet other people. the purpose of a relationship is to get to know your partner and to be happy.
    in my case, i am having doubts already. she is a nice person but we seldom get to meet each other. i am not happy anymore. i guess its what they call THE RIGHT LOVE BUT IN A WRONG TIME.
  • thanks kolamickey...i am actually thinking of breaking it off for both our sakes...there a lot of people to meet still and kung talagang kami, God will find a way for us to be together in the future.
  • yes it does. but it takes a lot of maturity.

    there are a lot of temptations. trust me i used to be in one. until i found out he was screwing around.
  • ^do i know him? :D
  • i know that's the problem with ldrs....
  • no........It doesnt work........ended my LDR a few hours ago. I love her but.......ill just stop here..
  • no, in my case :)
  • Been there, done that. It won't work!!!
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I still say depende. It would entail a considerable amount of sacrifice and extra effort to maintain. Pero, there are such relationships that actually work.

    So, it could also happen to you.
  • may kukwento ko. i don't know if considered to as long distance relationship......

    my younger bro is 17 right now, 1st year college. Nagkaroon siya ng gf when he was in 3rd yr high school. schoolmate niya, same age. siya ung first and present gf niya. hindi naman talaga malayo sila malayo sa isa't isa. in fact. i trycicle at 1 jeep lang ang pagitan nila. the problem is, pinapagalitan ng mom ko palagi ung kapatid ko na wag siyang mag-ggf. as in ayaw talaga. mag-gf daw siya after college na. ung mom ko kasi, natatakot na baka daw makabuntis ung bro ko. hindi ko naman siya masisisi, kaso minsan, parang sobra na e. e in fact, di na nga nagkikita ung bro ko and ung gf niya. hanggang phone and text na lang sila. ung mom ko kasi, sobrang pinagdududahan ang kapatid ko. for example, kasi pag papasok sa school, hinahatid kami. e isang araw, nalate ng gising ung kapatid ko. e tanghali pa naman pasok niya. ak0, maaga, kaya hindi na namin siya mahihintay kasi malelate naman ako. e ung mom ko. nagagalit na sa bro ko. baka nagpapalusot lang daw na baka makikipagkita sa gf, na baka may pupuntahang ibang lugar, etc.. syempre, nakakainis talaga. sobra kasi magduda. in fact, hindi na ata talaga (ang alam ko) nagkikita ng personal ung bro ko and ung gf nya kasi maski weekends, hindi naglalakwatsa ang kapatid ko. sa bahay lang siya kasi pag alis siya ng alis, pagdududahan na naman siya. o kaya naman, dahil maaga uwi ng kapatid ko, nagsabi siya sa mom ko. pupunta lang daw siya sa glorietta. ayun!! ung mom ko, nag-isip ng kung anoano. makikipagkita daw sa gf, kaya ayun, pinauwi na agad. kaya nga dahil dun, hindi na nagsasabi bro ko sa mom ko if pupunta lang siya sa mall.
    hirap nga ng sitwasyon nila e.
    kaya usap na lang sila sa phone araw araw, pero matagal, mga 1-2 hours kaya nga minsan, hindi ako makagamit ng phone. hehe hinahayaan ko na lang kasi hindi na nga sila nagkikita e. saka ako, may trust naman ako sa kapatid ko.
    sa amin ngang 3 magkakapatid, siya pa lang ang nagkakasyota. kami ng ate ko, wala pa. NBSB. talo pa niya kami.
    kasi naman, matino ang bro ko. stick to one. saka mas mature pa ata siya mag-isip kesa sa amin ng ate ko. =) kailangan lang talaga, trust, understanding, communication, (ano pa ba?) =)
  • it could. :)
  • gasolinegasoline PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I used to think na hindi magwowork ang long distance relationship, pero now that I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years, if ever umalis yung special someone ko, I don't think I could ever break it up or replace him with someone else.

    Depende na din siguro yan sa couple. Hindi mawawala na pareho kayo ma tempt and try dating other people, pero nasa inyo talaga.

    If ever it works for you, let us know. :D
  • i think long disatance relationship could work.

    if the two of you trust each other and if you are really ment for each other then i can say that it can work...

    i have friedns who are in a long distance relationship and it works for them and hopefully that they are ment for each other...
  • nope. i don't believe in LDRs
  • i actually did a thesis on this matter... and unfortunately for most of my participants, it didn't work for them. but i said MOST, means that not all of them had a sad ending. LDR will definitely be tough, but if you really want this to work, constant communication, faith in each other and trust must be there. :) Good luck!
  • it really depends...from my experience naman, it does. depende naman talaga sa lahat ng bagay. it really takes a lot of sacrifice and patience and a lot of love. next year, he'll be coming over na to ask my hand to my parents.
  • it really depends. the major key for the sucess of a long distance realtionship is communication... for my freinds there realtionships are pretty juch working...
  • depends. i'm game for any a relationship no matter what distance as long as it's serious
  • maybe yes? ma be no :)
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