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pupnta po kc ako sa MARINDUQUE this sem break... mgnda b dun???



  • Ok dun sa Marinduque. We stayed sa Sta. Cruz Town. Well, Id suggest you guys go to that pristine white island that disappears during high tide. Go there in the morning, bring some seafoods that you can grill and just chill in the island. Also bring goggles for snorkeling. Then go boating in the afternoon, just a few hours before sunset. You'll be treated to a fantastic view of the islands. Try to visit Bathala Caves as wel in Sta. Cruz. White sand beaches are scattered all over the island so basically just ask the people on how to go there. Dont expect any bars and clubs there coz theres basically none. =D Hope this helps
  • yap maganda jan...try mo puntahan din ang butterfly farm..although its really nice to go there during moriones festival but nonetheless...maganda pa rin especially the beaches...
  • You should check out the existing thread: Marinduque
  • kung mapupuntahan mo, go to Elephant Island. kaya lang exclusive yata yan eh, pero ipagtanong mo na rin. mas maganda daw sa boracay yan....
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