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Outsourced Executive Assistant

i was making the usual roundabout of applying to call centers when I got into this interview for an executive assistand. all the time, i was thinking about "secretary", when later i realized its just a call center job but the thing is, you are the techie p.a. (read as e-concierge) of some hotshot guy or something from the states/europe. i dunno if im right or wrong but i think this is better than a routinary call center job. bad thing though is if you're assigned to an ahole. hehe. anyone else here who has heard about this?


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    If he is an a-hole, you at least do not need to see him every day.
  • GOwinGOwin Kasapi PExer
    e-concierge pala ang tawag pala sa ganyang trabaho. all the while, i've been discharging the same function for my friends and family.

    singilin ko na kaya ang mga ito?

    may opening pa kaya? :)
  • whatwhat Chief Encouragement Officer PExer
    how do you get paid? by the hour? so that means your on the internet 24/7 din waiting for that hopefully-not-a-hole boss of yours?

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