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CSMeekaiCSMeekai Whatever!!! PExer
anybody heard of this one? saw the trailer and it left me drooling. damn! does anyone know where to find the anime?


  • sasukesasuke kriegspiel PExer
    was it Sentou Yousei Yukikaze?
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf Member ✭✭✭
    it is...I've checked out it's official site www.yukikaze.net. The trailer ROCKS! Though I'm yet to watch the series, the developers said that they consulted the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces for the air combat scenes.

    The FRX-00 is one helluva plane. I think meron ding mga kits ng mga planes.
  • sasukesasuke kriegspiel PExer
    oh... tgal n tong OVA n to a.. nyways, it was produced by Bandai and Gonzo. hehe
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai Whatever!!! PExer
    yep, it is produced by bandai visual. the trailer really rocks! me OVA nito? by any chance alam mo saan meron?

    and yes, meron model kits... the 1/100 ban dai costs 3.5 K yen in HLJ. sobrang mahal! :weep:

    still, it is leaving me drooling!
  • sasukesasuke kriegspiel PExer
    actually it's an OVA, not a tv series ^^
    [Aone] has the OVA fansubbed (ep 1-4)
  • DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! PExer
    Originally posted by CSMeekai
    anybody heard of this one? saw the trailer and it left me drooling. damn! does anyone know where to find the anime?

    Yep! Have this one as well. 2 disc Platinum Edition. One standard, one DTS, and a "Boomerang SQ" badge.


    Personal review, the story is somewhat dragging and slow. It got to a point where I immediately lost interest on Ep.2 and didn't even get to Ep3. I'd rather bank on finishing Last Exile and Macross Zero. :D
  • BravoexoBravoexo Member PExer
    I like the game. It's pretty basic, but the physics of the game is spot on. Well, except when you get really hairy and you're riding Yukikaze... he he he
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai Whatever!!! PExer
    there's a game for this one? :wow: interesting! :D gonna seek that one out. hehehe

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