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[MERGED] General Checkup

magpapa general check up ako ... any tips? totoo ba yung dapat uminom ng gatas para clear ang lungs? help naman doc. thanks


  • Just go. No particular tips. Haven't heard about the one with the milk, and it's not true.
  • Doc, anu-ano bang dapat ipa-check up o exam ang dapat i-run sa 57 yr old, female, assuming na hindi pa siya nagpapacheck ng kahit ano? Thanks! :)
  • First, let the doctor see the aforementioned 57 year old female. It is usually after the history taking and physical examination that the doctors determined what needs to be done to the patient.
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    Ok, di ko pa nararanasan mag-pacheckup kaya gusto ko malaman kung paano ba ang process sa hospital o clicnic gusto ko kasi i-try ng walang kasama yung ako lang, never ko pang na-experience mag-pacheck-up.
  • Eversince I was born, I've never had a yearly check up. Siguro dahil takot na rin. Or dahil din di ko alam kung paano. Paano po ba system dun? Pupunta akong hospital tapos sasabihin ko lang sa counter gusto ko magyearly check up? Or sa clinic ba yun ginagawa? Kasi disturbed na ako dahil eversince rin may sipon ako lagi. Thanks po talaga.
  • Thanks in advance po
  • ^^ I believe what you are referring to is the executive check-up, where a complete physical examination and an almost complete "basic" laboratory and ancillary procedures are done. Just go to your nearest hospital and just tell them you want an executive check-up. Most hospitals have different options for you to choose which examinations are to be done.
  • saan po ba maganda yet affordable magexecutive check up? Advisable po ba na sa government hospital na lang? Thanks.
  • up

    it's interesting na wala masyadong nagrereply dito. I think marami ang tulad kong takot magpacheck up eversince at ngayon lang naisip na baka umabot sa point na it's too late.
  • ^^ I'm not sure if government hospitals offer executive check-up packages, but they do have some laboratory/ancillary tests which are also done in executive check-up packages. You may save a lot in government hospitals but the tests are not readily available even in big tertiary hospitals.
  • If you just want a physical check up, you can just go see your doctor.

    But if you want an executive check up, you might have to check with the hospital where you want your exec check up done, kasi some tests require preparation.

    This is how an exec check up usually goes:
    If you want a FULL exec check up (which would cost around 40k in high-end hospitals), you'd have to allot 2 (sometimes 3) days for it. Pwedeng may overnight stay in the hospital. On the first day, gagawin yung mga tests like Chest X ray, ECG, treadmill testing, urinalysis, abdominal ultrasound (on a full bladder), ophthalmologic evaluation, ENT consultation, etc- those tests na ndi kailangan ng fasting. Tapos you will be asked to fast overnight. The next day, yung mga blood exams na. Then dat's it.
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