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For the dentists in the house: I need a crown

Hi docs...When I was in my early teens, I had my braces done by this super manggugulang na ortho. She charged my parents A LOT for the procedure, but my right incisor wasn't fully fixed by the braces coz it grew sideways (in the vernacular, "pilipit"). Instead of continuing the braces, my damn ortho took off the braces and used light cure to make it look like it's straight. Isn't that panggagancho to the max! It was in 1987 but still, there were better, SMARTER and LESS SCHEMING orthos in 1987 right?! Now I had to have the light cure maintained, and I am tired of it. I want to have a crown on my otherwise PERFECTLY REAL tooth, it's just crooked.

My question is, how much will it cost me to have the tooth crowned? Will it look like a real tooth? I've seen botched procedures where the crowns look so fake, they look bigger than the real ones. Also, can you recommend dentists who do good crowns? I don't care about the cost, but please, wag naman yung manggagancho ulit and I don't like overpricing.



  • PS. I was supposed to do this here in the US but I heard the entire thing would have to take 3 weeks (from the fitting of the temporary crown to the final permanent crown), I don't have time because I'm going to the Philippines soon and will stay there for 3 months. Thanks.
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @ periwinkle sky:

    There are two types of physicians who perform plastic surgery in the Philippines:

    a. “Cosmetic Surgeons” - may not have had any standardized formal training in plastic surgery, rates are cheaper (bargain prices).

    b. “Licensed Plastic Surgeons” - accredited by the board which recognizes plastic surgeons, charge a lot more, have had extensive years of training. They may charge more but they cannot be called “scheming” or “overcharging”. Their years of specialty training gives them the right to charge more ( as allowed by Philippine law). It’s actually safer to be treated by them, at least your sure they know what they are doing.

    There are two types of dentist who perform orthodontics in the Philippines:

    a. General dentists ( for analogy, similar to the “cosmetic surgeons’)

    b. Orthodontists ( for analogy, similar to “Licensed Plastic Surgeons”)

    Not all dentists who put braces in the Philippines are orthodontists. There aren’t actually that many orthodontists in the Philippines. I assure you, ORTHODONTISTS in the Philippines are of the honorable, respectable variety.

    Its not a good idea to go bargain hunting when it comes to your body (whether braces or plastic surgery). A more important consideration is , IS THE PERSON GOING TO TREAT YOU QUALIFIED?
    It’s ok to pay a little more, think of it as an INVESTMENT. You are investing in yourself. You do so because you are mature enough and intelligent enough to realize YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

    I cannot give any objective assessment of your case since I can’t physically see your teeth and your previous records taken when you had your braces ( panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, pictures and model casts).

    If a tooth is “pilipit”, the time needed to correct it depends on the amount of rotation. If a crown is rotated 90 degrees, it takes 3 months (if you're lucky) to 6 months to a year to correct it. If a tooth is rotated 180 degrees (meaning the front of the tooth is actually located at the back, “nakatalikod”). Two years may not be enough to correct it.

    Why were your braces removed when the rotation of 1 of your teeth was not corrected? Where there any other factors involved in the decision, perhaps it was a financial one?

    I’ve never seen your case, but in the instance your tooth is severely rotated, Root canal therapy may need to be done prior to placing a crown. This is only a possibility.

    Where would you be staying in the Philippines (I’m asking so I know where to refer you to)?

    Most, if not all dentists in the Philippines UNDERCHARGE (I’m not even joking). Most of us really charge less than what we are supposed to be charging. Only a few do charge correctly (these are the ones accused of Overcharging, but in reality they are just charging fairly, you do get what you pay for).

    Why are there some BOTCHED cases? A part of it is caused by the “tawad ng tawad, bawasan naman natin yung singil, bakit yung iba ganito lang kaunti sumingil” phenomena. Please remember, even dentists need to earn a living. Less fees = more shortcuts = less than ideal treatment = less than acceptable result.

    Buyer beware: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    If you want cheaper but relatively safe treatment in the states, why not have yourself treated at universities like UCLA, USC, U Penn or U of Minnesota?

    Here in the Philippines, I’d recommend Dr. Heherson Tumang, Dr. Winston Cham, Dr. Ramona Locsin or Dr. Pia Antonio.
  • Thanks smilewarrior. If I can only give you her name here, so you can check if she's really an ortho. The prob is, she charged like she was an ortho. As far as I can remember (since I was still a minor then), finances were not the concern of my parents. They just wanted my teeth fixed because I was "sungki" since I was small. My crooked incisor was only rotated 90 degrees. Her office was in Mandaluyong and we would go there every month, she had a lot of patients too. She was in her 50s then and quite, you know, mataray. I think she just wanted the whole thing to get it over and done with because it was taking too much time (I think I had my braces for 2 years and nothing happened, I guess she really wasn't that good enough). Whenever I think about it I feel pangs of regret, I could have just gone to another ortho. About choosing a real licensed practicing ortho, let's just say I was only 11 or 12 then, I didn't know any better. Maybe I can PM you and tell you her name and you can check if she's a real ortho or something? Just wondering: why are general dentists even allowed to put braces on people's teeth if they're not really orthodontists? Isn't that illegal? Here in America you can sue those people already.

    As for my crown, I just said I don't like people who overcharge because I'm already traumatized by what happened to my tooth. As I said, I don't care how much it costs, as long as the results are directly proportional to the cost of the procedure. I actually talked to my trusted dentist here and wants me to do a crown already (and I've seen his work and it was very good), but I'm not in my home state right now and will not have time to have a temporary done, much less a permanent one, when I'm leaving for Manila soon. By the way, I'm gonna stay in QC, are those dentists near QC? Where are they located?

    Thanks so much!
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    @ periwinkle : Sadly, even in the United States, there is no law which prohibits general dentists from placing braces. Its the same thing here in the Philippines.

    In muslim countries like Iran, they are very strict. Only orthodontists are allowed to place braces. If a general dentist were to put braces, he'd get into a lot of trouble.

    Dr. Winston Y. Cham (He was a former teacher of mine during my undergrad days)
    Cham-Crisol Dental Office
    2/F Unit F, 960 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. New Manila Quezon City
    tel nos. 7224691, 5230316

    Good luck.
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