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Pilipinas National Team [Merged]



  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    ^ Ironic but isn't your Joey Lina a politician who entered the arena after the axe have fallen on the BAP? Don't tell me you totally believe that he was there for the love of the sport. Graham Lim and his ilk obviously pushed him to the helm to divide the administration where Lina has some clout. But if you believe otherwise then ignorance is bliss.
  • i dont like the BAP either. yes it was the alien graham's idea of installing the former senator to such position.
    but why POC people cant swallow their pride in the name of our beloved game basketball? they knew in the first place na walang ibang kikilanin ang FIBA other than BAP, come what may. what theyve done? pumunta pa sila ng Switzerland para kausapin si Baumann at i-push 'yung kanilang bagong grupo, and of course the FIBA chief still have the same answer, that they will still recognize BAP as the only basketball governing body in the philippines.
    so kahit pumayag bumigay ang BAP sa kagustuhan ng POC but what about the FIBA's policy? tapos idinamay pa nila si Carl Ching(mang kepweng ba? i dont know) ng FIBA-Asia an sya raw ang nagsutsot doon sa FIBA main office sa Geneva. and blah blah then all the blames have been pinned on the BAP.
    the POC, sensing that the people really believe in their own version of heroism, stand hard to its selfish decision na kahit walang participation sa Asian competitions and qualifying tournaments and even the abolishment of basketball in the last SEA Games, they will just let it all happen que serra serra. at nangyari nga, tayo tayo na lang naglalabanan.
    buti na lang merong fantasy games
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    If it were as easy as just swallowing one's pride I'm sure the purveyors of PBFI would gladly do so. However, there is more to it than just pride as far as PBFI is concerned. The cancer that is killing Philippine basketball is the very organization tasked to watch over it. Swallowing one's pride is like putting band aid on gangrened wound. The PBFI is not the problem. The inept but window-dressed BAP is. They've been at the helm for so long but they haven't come up with any respectable finish in a significant regional tournament except those spearheaded by another basketball body. Come to think of it, if the BAP followed your advice and swallowed their pride Philippine basketball's suspension should be in the process of being lifted by now. Or we could have lifted the basketball gold in the SEA Games.
  • we're already spinning in a circle.
    okay, its simple. its FIBA. yeah, thats right, its FIBA. FIBA has indicated from the beginning that they will only recognize BAP and only BAP. i(bucks 'n bogut) personally dont like BAP since the days of Lito Puyat pa. but what can i do kung sila nga talaga ang type ng FIBA?
    so in this matter, sana pinagbigyan na muna nila ang BAP since we cant still change the FIBA's decision at present. maybe next year, or in the near future we'll have the full chance to kick BAP's *** out!

    and its not BAP or PBFI, its what they've done for the past few months that put our basketball in limbo, preventing us to participate on important games including SEA Games and asian qualifying games.
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    we're already spinning in a circle.
    okay, its simple. its FIBA. yeah, thats right, its FIBA. FIBA has indicated from the beginning that they will only recognize BAP and only BAP. i(bucks 'n bogut) personally dont like BAP since the days of Lito Puyat pa. but what can i do kung sila nga talaga ang type ng FIBA?
    so in this matter, sana pinagbigyan na muna nila ang BAP since we cant still change the FIBA's decision at present. maybe next year, or in the near future we'll have the full chance to kick BAP's *** out!

    and its not BAP or PBFI, its what they've done for the past few months that put our basketball in limbo, preventing us to participate on important games including SEA Games and asian qualifying games.
    I remember one shirt when street protests were not passe: Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa? So what difference does a year make when we've been deprived with good basketball organization for more than two decades? So do you think sending Lhuillier's team to regional meets is better than not sending one at all? You watch better players right in front of you and yet you don't see them carrying the RP flag on their chests. The BAP have mocked us basketball loving citizens for such a long time that I could accept the SEA games as collateral damage.
  • you can refresh posts #843 or #845
  • jvandreadjvandread Member PExer
    ^^ BAP sucks kahit anong sabihin mo they are the reason kung bakit puro palpak at kahihiyan ang binibigay nila sa pilipinas. karamihan naman ng tao naiintindihan kung bakit ayaw na nila sa BAP kasi puro kahihiyan ar pang sariling interest lang iniisip ng mga yan.

    Isa pa anong "BRAINWASHED" ang pinagsasabi mo, hindi stupido ang mga filipino. ayaw na namin ng kapalpakan na galing sa inyong mga taga BAP.
  • eh ser, wala naman po akong sinabing maayos ang BAP. in fact ayaw ko nga rin sa kanila. ang problema talaga ay kung papaano natin kukumbinsihin ang FIBA na kilalanin ang ibang grupo. FIBA is sticking with the name BAP. walang mangyayari sa pagiging emotional natin kasi ibang kultura na ang kausap natin dito, yes or no lang ba sila. meron tayong sariling kwento sa atin samantala iisa lang ang hinihingi ng mga taga FIBA. kumbaga ayusin nyo muna ang gulo nyo basta kami iisang grupo lang ang kilala namin kasi ayaw namin ng pagbago-bago. its either sipain nyo ang mga nakaupo o mag botohan, basta BAP ang name na ihaharap nyo sa amin. kuha?
    dont get me wrong again but FIBA wants BAP and not BAPI, PBFI or even Wowowee...nagsasayang lang tayo ng time at blood pressure talaga

    pwede siguro kaparehong sound like BAF or VAP, malay natin baka malito si BAumann. o kaya sabay-sabay tayong pumunta sa main office ng FIBA at itali natin sa upuan 'yung SecGen ng FIBA hanggang sa ayawan nya ang BAP
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    ^ All these could have been avoided had the disgraced BAP officials bowed graciously. Unfortunately, grace is not among the better virtues of has-been politician Joey Lina. The BAP officials are not accepted by their own NSA, by the major stakeholders and even in the court of public opinion. I don't see why we have to blame the people who are righting what has been wrong for the longest time. It's futile to go the election route as the regional representatives who vote for the head of the BAP are beholden to the head himself. So what are you to do? Hope against hope? Pray for a miracle? The POC is right in suspending the BAP and the FIBA would have accepted BAP's fate if not for the kapit-tuko tactics of Lina and the rest BAP. And now you're blaming those who really care about basketball?
  • why me? problema sa atin puro tayo amok dito. from BAP to Lina and now its me, pati ako nasisi. puntahan nyo na lang ang FIBA okay?

  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    Dude, I thought we were just exchanging point of views. Kung ayaw mong may makipagpalitan ng argumento sayo wag ka nalang mag post. Kung ito, "puntahan nyo na lang ang FIBA okay?", rin pala ang isasagot mo eh di sana sa simula palang eh sinabi mo na yan... ng diyan naman tayo mag palian ng kuru-kuro. Sa huling pagkakaalam ko, ang PEX ay isang avenue para magkaroon ng pagpalit ng mga kuru-kuro.

    And, dude, or shall I say mate, this was never about you.
  • yeah mate. but we did. but what happened is we're already circling around. sisihan dito, sisihan doon. i dont have a choice but to say what exactly you people need "puntahan nyo na lang ang FIBA". i tried to make it simple but you
    always bringing the matter into a sort of political discussion, na para bang aping-api na, tama na sobra na...

    dwelling to much in one side is not a real solution. move on!
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    bchoter wrote:
    Dude, I thought we were just exchanging point of views
    Halatang trying hard mag english :lol: . Buti nalang nanagalog na pagtapos nito :D
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    Una sa lahat, it was you who asked kung bakit pinagiinitan si Joey Lina? Bakit hinde? That's basically what I replied. Pangalawa you said pulitiko and may kasalanan ng lahat. Ano ba si Lina? Sabagy hindi siya politiko... isa siyang washed-up politico. Fact is mas maraming real basketball people sa mga nag oopose ng BAP. Mga real stakeholders at hindi mga nagdudunung-dunungan sa basketball. Sino ba sa mga regional basketball head ang may nagawang significant sa basketball? And worse, sasabihin mong brainwashed kami, which is tantamount to saying that we are not capable of discernment. In the first place hindi na kailangan ang convincing para malaman ang deka-dekadang kapalpakan ng BAP.

    Hindi naman sa inaagawan ko ng trono ang ating mga moderators at wala akong hangaring i censure ang mga posts mo pero I hope you know how to follow your advice and never ever criticize an institution or personality in PEX. Puntahan mo nalang sila (kung sino man sila) ;)
    bucks 'n bogut

    It is so easy to pitch in one's two cents in an issue without bothering to look into the recent past.

    How hard is it to read the last, what, five pages of this thread?

    It is public knowledge that the formation of the PBFI has not been without its share of politicking and power-grabbing. But it does not make BAP the better path. Heck, the PBFI itself is not the ideal solution to the current national crisis in basketball.

    I am actually a bit relieved the PBFI with its current setup was unsuccessful, as the same patronage politics so prevalent in BAP might have also been in its fledgling bloodstream.

    Who is not fed up with all this crap in our basketball association? The sentiments you put forth have been explored, you only have to read up on this and similar threads.

    People from PEx have contacted Joey Lina to implore him to be the bigger man seeing as he was and continue to be the key to FIBA's good graces, and to his credit he replied. But that is the only credit I can send his way. Power is still what drives some people, and no noble cause will stop them from aspiring for it.

    Do you think letting BAP continue its wanton ways of running Philippine basketball will remove our hoops program from the limbo it is currently mired in?

    I would suppose the reason why you would like the FIBA to reinstate the Philippines in its fold is for you to see our natonal team compete in the Asian Games, the ABC, WBC and maybe even the Olympics. The BAP had been there before, we can all see what they did, or rather what they did not do.

    What makes you think this time will be any different? Because you are sick and tired of the crap?
  • jvandreadjvandread Member PExer
    ang talagang magandang solution diyan is tanggalin na lang ang lahat ng current members of BAP at palitan. Yung ang isa mga problema, yung mga current members ng BAP parang lumalabas inaakin nila ang basketball, pag na dehado sila or napapagiwanan or may hindi nakapagsunduan para sa sariling interest nila, tinatabla nila yung ibang tao gusto maglaro o sumoporta sa Philippine team.

    example diyan yung tryouts ni chot reyes para sa national team. ininvite niya lahat ng taga player ng cebuana lhuillier (which is a team of BAP). may hindi nakapagsunduan yon hindi pinag tryout sina canaleta at eman at yung buong team na yon which is under BAP.
  • jvandread wrote:
    ang talagang magandang solution diyan is tanggalin na lang ang lahat ng current members of BAP at palitan. .

    bingo! thats it
  • jvandreadjvandread Member PExer
    Reyes to recall RP pool
    By Joaquin Henson
    The Philippine Star 02/04/2006

    After taking a holiday break for the Southeast Asian Games, the Philippine basketball team pool returns to practice Monday at the Moro Lorenzo gym in Loyola Heights and national coach Chot Reyes said yesterday he’s optimistic the ban on the country by the Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) will be lifted sooner than later to pave the way for participation in the Doha Asian Games late this year.

    Reyes, 42, said there are clear signs to indicate a speedy resolution of the leadership crisis in Philippine basketball as the major stakeholders are determined to forge a united stand in convincing FIBA to end the suspension.

    Reyes attended a meeting with Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala, Philippine Basketball League (PBL) commissioner Chino Trinidad and Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) president Joey Lina two weeks ago to lay the groundwork of a working relationship.

    Since the meeting, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Jose Cojuangco Jr. hosted a gathering of the major stakeholders in his Makati home in the spirit of unity.

    The other day, Eala, Trinidad, Lina, Fr. Vic Calvo of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Jun-Jun Capistrano of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines met at the Manila Hotel to thresh out the mechanics of a unified governing body.

    Trinidad said the BAP will remain the organization to represent the country in FIBA but a new Constitution will be drafted to establish a revitalized National Sports Association (NSA) supported by basketball’s major stakeholders.

    "The BAP will be our franchise name," explained Trinidad. "But a new structure and leadership will emerge. We will be called Pilipinas Basketball."

    Trinidad said if the POC General Assembly has to reinstate the BAP as an NSA to resolve the crisis, Cojuangco will support it. He said Eala initiated the move to unite the stakeholders as FIBA itself asked the PBA to take the lead in the effort.

    "Mr. Cojuangco told us if the major stakeholders recommend to use the BAP name, then he’ll back it up for the sake of Philippine basketball," said Trinidad. "At the meeting he hosted in his home, Mr. Cojuangco and Joey shook hands and wished each other a happy new year. That’s a sure sign of reconciliation for the good of the country."

    Reyes said the stakeholders will submit their recommendation to the POC this month then the POC will make the necessary representation to FIBA to beat the March 31 deadline for a resolution of the leadership problem.

    Reyes said if given the go-signal, the national team will be more active this year.

    "To stay competitive, we could do what we did last year and play in the Global Hoops Summit in Las Vegas, the Jones Cup in Taipei, the Sultan’s Cup in Brunei and possibly add the Stankovic Cup in Beijing," said Reyes. "Then, if we’re allowed, we could play in the Asian Games in Doha."

    Reyes said the ultimate goal is still qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and that will mean making it to the finals of the 2007 FIBA-Asia Championships, which Manila is bidding to host.

    "Ever since we won in Brunei last year, the national pool continued to practice every Monday morning until the break," said Reyes. "Attendance was consistently high with only isolated instances of absences because of conflict of schedules with players’ mother teams or some pressing personal reasons. In fact, players not in the pool would call to ask if they could join the practices because they’d heard of the positive experience of being on the national team. The players themselves want to be in the pool."

    Reyes said national team mainstays Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag, Tony de la Cruz, Jay-Jay Helterbrand and Romel Adducul are among the players consistently reporting for practice. Fil-Am recruits Kelly Williams and Joe Devance are also in the pool.

    "We’re recalling the players for our first practice on Monday," said Reyes. "It will be from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Only the players in the PBA or PBL Finals will be excused."

    Reyes arrived the other day from Singapore where he attended a three-day seminar to receive a certification as a teamwork facilitator of the John Maxwell Group of Atlanta. He enrolled in the course at his own expense because he said it would enhance his ability to motivate the players in the national team.


    A good news sana tuloy tuloy na.
  • stopandpopstopandpop Member PExer
    Cage stakeholders convene today
    By Joaquin Henson
    The Philippine Star 02/06/2006

    Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala said yesterday he will exhaust all possibilities in recommending a viable solution to the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) for the immediate lifting of the country’s suspension by the Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA).

    Eala is hosting a meeting of the sport’s major stakeholders at the PBA office in Pasig this afternoon to discuss a proposal for the POC’s approval. Expected to attend are Philippine Basketball League (PBL) commissioner Chino Trinidad, Jun-Jun Capistrano of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP), Fr. Vic Calvo of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) president Joey Lina.

    Eala said he was encouraged by POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr.’s endorsement for the PBA to take an active role in convening the major stakeholders for the purpose of resolving the leadership crisis that prompted the suspension by FIBA last year. The suspension prevented the Philippines from hosting the basketball event in the recent Southeast Asian Games.

    "The stakeholders met with Mr. Cojuangco in his residence a few weeks ago," said Eala. "He asked the PBA to take the lead in finding a solution to the problem so, in his own words, the POC could step out. Mr. Cojuangco assured us that whatever the stakeholders agree to do, he will support. On our part, we promised to study all options and continually update him through (POC Chairman) Mr. (Robert) Aventajado."

    Eala said the stakeholders are still in the process of deciding on a course of action to recommend to the POC.

    "Our goal is to find a solution that will end the Philippines’ suspension by FIBA so we can once again play in the Asian Games, the FIBA-Asia Championships, the Southeast Asian Games and if we qualify, the World Championships and the Olympics," said Eala. "Our vow is to finish our work and submit a viable proposal to the POC. We realize that this will take a lot of progressive thinking. We need to find a workable solution for the good of the sport and in the best interest of our country."

    Eala said the solution must be reasonable, expedient and practical.

    "We’ve been informed by Mr. Lina that the BAP is neither suspended nor expelled by FIBA at this point," said Eala. "For FIBA to accredit a new country affiliate, it must suspend then expel the BAP. That can only happen during its Central Board meeting in August. Then, there will be a discussion on accrediting a new country affiliate."

    Eala said the stakeholders are working on a proposal to consider what is required by the POC and FIBA.

    "In fairness to Mr. Lina, he is willing to open up the BAP leadership," said Eala. "His position is conciliatory. In studying our options, we are guided by the Constitution and By-Laws prepared by the POC."

    Eala admitted it has been suggested to use the BAP as a "shell" to speed up the process of lifting the country’s suspension by FIBA without going through the exercise of suspension, expulsion and accreditation. He added that the stakeholders are considering a different trade name, subject to the POC’s approval.

    "We are studying all angles," continued Eala. "We’re hoping to be able to play basketball in the Asian Games but that may mean participating in a qualifying tournament this summer."

    Eala said the last step in finalizing the proposal for the POC is identifying the vehicle which will represent the stakeholders in the National Sports Association (NSA) for basketball in the General Assembly.

    ’The positive sign is the stakeholders are now united," said Eala. "We are working together and we hope to submit a reasonable, expedient and practical proposal to the POC as soon as possible."

    In a press statement, Cojuangco said the name of the new federation is a subject that should come later as he advised the stakeholders’ to discuss extensively the structure, Constitution and By-Laws for now."

    Cojuangco said he strongly opposes the reinstatement of the BAP as an NSA and retaining it as the name of the new federation.

    ’The problem with that approach is it will appear to FIBA that we are putting a new leash on an old dog."

    FIBA imposed a March 31 deadline for the POC to submit the Constitution and By-Laws and the composition of a new basketball NSA. When the POC obtains FIBA concurrence, the NSA documents will be forwarded to its Central Committee for approval.
  • ManyakitsManyakits Member ✭✭
    BINGO na lang?

    nyahahahaha :rotflmao: can you say cop out?

    sana makasali tayo sa Asian Games 2006 sa basketball
    i wish Lina steps back.
    if his concern is Peping will swoop in when he capitulates his position then he shd oversee the NSA formation until the hand-off to FIBA for recognition, and leave out the known Peping henchmen (read: aventajado et al) from the group forever. another matter is that PBA involvment must be defined and documented b4 moving forward. altho PBA is only a part of the basketball stakeholders, its the most important and its participation or lack of has the biggest effect in any national team undertaking.

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