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Joey23Joey23 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I been wanting to go to Siargao... I was planning to go this month because of the International Surfing Competition but wala raw this year.

based from my research the only airline that flies to Surigao direct is Asian Spirit, with the sched;


Mnl-Surigao ETD1:30PM ETA 3:15PM

Surigao-Mnl ETD 3:45 ETA 5:30PM

Airfare is PhP3,100 + 150 one way

kung boat naman WGA,

Mon and Thursday

Mnl-Surigao ETD 6:45PM-Mon ETA 4:00AM-Wed

fare is PhP1,960.00 one way for 33 hours!

lemme know who's interested to go and also lemme know kung may info kayo about this place. (where to stay in Siargao etc.)

maraming salamat!


  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    siargaooo... the waaaaves!!!!! i wanna go there for some surfing lessons kaso hindi naman 'to trip ng mga kaibigan ko kaya wala akong kasama :(

    hey Joey23, let us know about your siargao adventure, ha? :)
  • Joey23Joey23 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    planning to go dis year, by december siguro
  • Hey Joey23, may Surfing Competition sa GL sa Sept 25. So better get your tickets na! You can also fly to Cebu then take a boat ride (overnight) to Siargao. Wish ko next year makapunta ako. Entitled na ako sa vacation leave by then.

    I have been to Surigao City several times na pero I havent been to Siargao. I wanna try surfing too!
  • Joey23Joey23 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wala daw surfing competition dis year according to a friend from Surigao. pero kung meron nga I cant go dis Sept kasi have other plans na second week ng October.
  • Ey anyone looking for a mate to go surfing in Siargao before sembreak comes? I wanna go back there too! Preferably pag may competition... I was there last May, courtesy of Gameplan and Globe... We took the Asian Spirit flight then rode a jeep to the port where we got into our boat transfer to Siargao island. We stayed at Cloud 9 resort, home of the famous Cloud 9 break... Grabe scary yung waves dun! It wasn't surf season pa nun, and the waves were going really high up at almost 8 feet breaking at shin level! Kaya our instructor took us to different parts of the island since we were still beginners (2nd timers) like Hawaiian Jack and to the nearby Daku island. I think I liked the break by Hawaiian Jack better coz I caught some pretty cool waves there, pero mej malakas nga lang yung undercurrent. Pamatay sa paddling. Daku island's waves were ok naman din kse mas frequent (? basta opposite ng madalang) kaso I got lots of cuts on my feet kse mataas yung mga bato dun and I forgot my booties when I rode. Basta mas nagustuhan ko yung sa HJ kse mas maraming waves and mas matagal ako naka sakay ng board dun :D
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