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Now And Then Here And There...

abetmanabetman Wandering Student PExer
sino nakaka alam ng anime na to??

meron kayong copy?

hehehe sana may nakaka alam naman nito dito.....

pinalabas to dati sa axn ang bida si shu at si lalaru

malungkot tong anime na to...



  • haxsohaxso Member PExer
    naghahanap din ako nito, gusto ko yung brutal na theme niya,hehehe..
  • my_SeBaSTiaNnEmy_SeBaSTiaNnE futurama_lover PExer
    this is so depressing.. lalo na nung malaman ko na buntis si sarah(?)... :( so sad.... so sad...
  • abetmanabetman Wandering Student PExer
    oo nagpakamatay si sala diba?? (sarah ata talaga un) kasi wala "r" japanese)

    kung brutal......

    battle royal.... movie nga lang meron dito...

    pero meron nang nilabas na battle royal 2 at battle royal na manga.... gusto ko nung manga
    mas brutal daw yung manga sa movie e!!!
  • DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! ✭✭✭
    DVD 1 - NOW and THEN, HERE and THERE: Discord and Doom
    EP 01 - A Girl Admiring The Sunset
    EP 02 - A Boy and A Mad King
    EP 03 - A Feast in the Dark
    EP 04 - Discord
    EP 05 - Murder

    DVD 2 - NOW and THEN, HERE and THERE: Flight and Fall
    EP 06 - Disapperance in a Sandstorm
    EP 07 - Night of Flight
    EP 08 - Two Lone Souls
    EP 09 - In The Chasm

    DVD 3 - NOW and THEN, HERE and THERE: Conflict and Chaos
    EP 10 - Prelude to Chaos
    EP 11 - Eve of Destruction
    EP 12 - This Bloody Earth
    EP 13 - Now and Then, Here and There

    Completed DVD set. :D But I was also watching Gasaraki (or was it Evangelion?) at that time so I was only able to go through the 1st disc (naka-plastic pa yung dalawa).
  • abetmanabetman Wandering Student PExer
    hehehe pede makakuha ng copy huhu
    hehehe na stock lng ung disc 2 at 3 ah hehehe

    meron din akong mga ganung manga excited pa ko tpos d ko naman babasahin hehe
  • smeagolsmeagol bows to yang chow PExer
    i'll be buying the dvd's of Central Park... mahal, but i'm sure it'll be worth it. this is one of the best in anime out there.
  • abetmanabetman Wandering Student PExer

    sana ako din makabili hehe.

    ipon muna ko.
  • smeagolsmeagol bows to yang chow PExer

  • abetmanabetman Wandering Student PExer
    wow! hehehe meron din ako pics ng now and then.. kaso nabura ko na eh.. hehehe

    hehehe historical yung pic para sa kanila hehe
  • smeagolsmeagol bows to yang chow PExer
    yes, Tabool friendly with (and smiling!) Shu is phenomenal. 21.gif
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    oh my, that picture is... Twilight Zone-ish...

    hmm, ooh, and don't try viewing the whole series marathon-style, else you don't mind having major depression issues... especially the pregnant part... that poor girl...

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