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Define Singlehood...

helminhelmin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
It is staying in ur comfort zone, security blanket and living in a bubble.
This seems quite cotradictory ...
but once YOU get OUT of ur ZONE...
take OFF ur BLANKET...

YOU may start to liberate urself by opening ur heart (urself) to all the possibilities, vulnerabilities, and idionsyncrasies that comes with the LOVE BUG:cool:


  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Singlehood is being your own man (or woman).

    You stay in your comfort zone yes, but you fight your battles alone. it can be a long and tiring fight, but no feeling can give you as much pride and proof of the statement as "I Stand".

    (not to be confused with whatever else is standing)
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    "If no man is an island then I'm f()cking Ibiza!" :D

    - Hugh Grant in the movie "About A Boy"
  • helminhelmin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    SINGLE =INDEPENDENT (can stand alone?)

    =AVAILABLE (ready for anything, anyone, anywhere anyhow?)
    =ALONE (in the romantic aspect)
  • why do some people make it seem na being single is not a good thing? masaya na naman ah. i mean, ako hindi pa ready to get into a commitment kaya oks lang ako. masaya naman diba?

    shiet...kolet ko. lol.
  • mukha nga sis.. geesh i have to look for one xmas na eh hehe joke!
  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    define singlehood

    singlehood is using your right hand :glee:
  • be adventurous and use the left hand.
  • the right or the left, especially the middle ones... whatever your mood is!
  • SINGLEHOOD means DRAMA FREE, more girls to meet, no worries, you're not tied on a ****in leash, no one checkin up on you when u go out, and you don't ***** each other over... haha... SINGLE life's been the best for me lately.. haha.. hey i ain't a PLAYA, i just crush a lot!.. peace!!!!
  • define singlehood = Beeing free

    helo evry1...im nu hir ;)
  • abscbnabscbn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i think being happy in being single.
  • helminhelmin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Welcome syo...@Le_veque

    Pipol...Being single is the NEXT BEST THING daw...:)
    next to: BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP!! heheheh:D

    @QUENTIN ....right hand?
    @Onomatopoet...left hand?
    @sweetchild...u mean middle fingers?

    hahah basta so far being single is fun gaya ng sabi ni Jason, kaso Jason part of being single is 'the license to play around'...make the most of it...

    Balitaan nyo ko pag di na kyo single ha...:)
  • masaya ang pagiging single pag alam mo how to have fun. kasi there are some single people na ang tendency ay maawa sa sarili dahil single sila. wala lang. that's just weird. pwede naman gawin productive ang pagiging single.

    i work hard. i even have over times minsan. pero oks lang. i go out with friends and have fun. licensce to play around? hindi ata ako yun. ehehe. but i'm having fun. kanya kanya ngang trip diba? hehe. i also help our brothers and sisters through our group called FRIENDS FOR LIFE. :) yun lang share ko lang.

    may sense ba yun? ehehe.
  • helminhelmin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Napansin ko nga din. A lot of singles are kinda preoccupied with a lot of things. Which is good . Self Pity? yoko nun corny...Oist sali naman ako jan sa Friends for life.
  • helmin
    wag na self pity!!! let's get high with love from family and friends!!!

    FRIENDS FOR LIFE is a group organized by dog lovers. we take our dogs to orphanages and foundations. soon we will visit the home for the aged. not sure pa when. having a dog is not a requirement. you just have to have a big heart and you're willing to share to others. sharing doesn't necessarily mean material things but time is good. :)

    we have outreach programs once in every two months. but when the group gets bigger, we plan to do it monthly. i'll let ya know when our next outreach program is. :)

    mejo off topic ito but anyways... if you're interested you can visit www.geocities.com/friends_for_life_2004
  • alone but not lonely :D
  • facing the world on your own and not feeling bad about it.
  • Originally posted by JasonFilAm:

  • alone but not lonely...true. :)

    facing the world on your own and not feeling bad about it? super true! hehehe.

    sarap maging single...basta alam mo ang dapat gawin. ehehe.
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